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Fashion: 6 must-haves to bring your Spring wardrobe up to date

Fashion: 6 must-haves to bring your Spring wardrobe up to date

Fashion: She has just returned from New York City and has shown us what she discovered in the fashion capital, as well as “6 Must-Haves” to change your appearance for spring 2022! This spring, add some colour to your environment.

Noreen recently appeared as a guest speaker at the Major Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Show and the International Beauty Shows, where she discussed what’s popular on the streets and in the stores of New York City, as well as the scoop from two international beauty conventions. Take pleasure in her blog, where she will document her beauty experiences.

ANYTHING PINK to THINK ABOUT! This spring, everything from lipstick to blush to eyeshadow to fashion accessories to apparel is available. It gives you an immediate lift in your emotions, as well as a healthy glow to your complexion!

Dresses and pants suits are back in style, but they aren’t the ones you remember. In addition, say goodbye to the relaxed and casual lifestyle appearance that has become epidemic. Get yourself a little more “dolled up.” Even if you only want to put on a pair of blue jeans. Bold or warm pastel hues may be included in your clothing via the use of a bright jacket, jumper, or top.

In New York City and throughout the world, men are also flaunting and wearing nail paint. Manicures and pedicures for Guys are becoming more popular, and men are flocking to them! The likes of Harry Styles and MGK are having a significant impact on this movement. From one fingernail to all 10 of them, anything is possible. Gray, metallics, and even blue denim blue are some of the hues they choose to decorate.

Skin that is in good health is very fashionable…

Esthemax’s Jelly Masks are the most popular skin treatment in the SPA sector right now. Next time you’re in the spa, be sure to request one. There are many different types of jelly masks. Your esthetician will choose the most appropriate one for you. Luminizing, brightening, calming, and anti-ageing properties. Your face and neck will seem healthier and more radiant, and it will feel fantastic!


Natural skincare derived from fruits, plants, flowers, and CBD has never been more popular. Light therapy, beautification gadgets, and Cryotherapy are all gaining in popularity and are taking over the skincare industry as a whole.

A brief period of tranquilly SELF-CARE has never been more crucial than it is right now. Make a designated “chill in” area and time in your day and home for mental clarity, a beauty routine, yoga or meditation, or just being still in your surroundings.

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