7 Reasons to LOVE Hyundai Construction Equipment

7 Reasons to LOVE Hyundai Construction Equipment

7 Reasons to LOVE Hyundai Construction Equipment

February 13, 2023 | Updates

February 14th is all about sharing love, so we are sharing 7 reasons to LOVE our construction equipment this Valentine’s Day. Read below to see why we think you’ll really DIG our products.

1: Our Dealer Network

At Hyundai, we know the importance of a good equipment dealer when it comes to purchasing and running your machines, so we only allow the best to represent us. With a network of over 90 dealers with almost 200 locations, our dealer network is strong and supportive of our customers. From the moment you step on their lot, our dealers are there to help you choose the right machine for your business. Even after the sale, they remain there to provide guidance and support, from parts to service and everything in between. To find a Hyundai dealer near you, visit our Dealer Locator.

2: Cab Comfortability

Working long hours in a machine can be tough on an operator, so to combat that, our machines come standard with an array of features designed to keep the operator comfortable. All of our A-Series machines are equipped with an air-conditioning and heating unit, an advanced audio system (complete with AM/FM radio, a USB-based MP3 player, hands-free Bluetooth compatibility, and a built-in microphone to allow for phone calls) and a large cupholder that fits a 44oz cup. In addition, our A-Series machines feature heated air-ride seats that can be fully adjusted to fit the operator’s preference.

3: Hi MATE Telematics System

Our Hi MATE Telematics System is the perfect partner to help you manage your Hyundai machines. With Hi MATE, you can check fuel usage, idling time, fault codes and more on all of your machines in one place. It comes free for 5 years on all your Hyundai machines (except for our ADTs, where it comes free for 3 years).

4: Ease of Serviceability

We know the importance of easy serviceability when it comes to your machines, so we strive to make it as simple as possible to perform maintenance. For example, all of our A-Series wheel loaders, from our HL940A and up, come standard with a fully openable tilt-back hood to enhance the serviceability of the engine and cooling room. Our excavators are equipped with easy cab filter access from the ground level, easy access to the DEF tank and aluminum open-core coolers mounted in a stacked configuration to improve airflow, enhance cooling efficiency and improve serviceability.

5: Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is crucial on the jobsite, so we have implemented added features to keep you and your crew safe on the job site. All of our machines come standard with a rearview backup camera, and we offer the option to add our All Around View Monitoring System for 360° visibility or our Rear Detection System, which alerts the operator of obstructions behind the machine. All A-Series excavators come with an Auto-Safety Lock, which prevents unintended operation and is unique to Hyundai machines.

6: Durability

Hyundai’s machines are built to be tough and withstand any challenge you put them up against. Our machines use the highest grade of steel, AR400, to ensure your machines are rugged and reliable. When you purchase a piece of Hyundai construction equipment, you can be confident in your machine and whatever job it needs to get done.

7: Dependability

Our equipment is designed to be dependable. We know you count on your machines to get the job done, so we want you to feel as confident as we do about their abilities. If your machine does have a fault code, you can rely on Hi MATE and our standard 3-year/3,000 hour warranty, along with our network of dealers to get you up and running with minimum downtime.

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