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EntertainmentA guest at Disney World allegedly witnesses a family sneaking in a young girl in a stroller to avoid paying the ticket price.

A guest at Disney World allegedly witnesses a family sneaking in a young girl in a stroller to avoid paying the ticket price.

The video, which a TikToker claims she shot, shows a family allegedly abusing Disney World’s admittance rules by utilising a baby stroller.


The video, which was covertly recorded while she was in line at Disney World, was uploaded by visitor @myfrienditsmebarbie and has since received over 9.5 million views.


Since then, more than 9,000 TikTokers—including several former Disney employees—have commented on the contentious film.


Poor child was in a car seat for a little child. #theyaregoingtoknow #Disney #onlyindisney #theywillneverknow

How would they be aware of the Bad Girls Club? Christopher Gleason
In a remark under one of her videos, @myfrienditsmebarbie said, “We [paid] for our tickets and witnessed the craziest thing we had ever seen & so we chose to post it so you may laugh too.”


Visitors ages 3 to 9 are regarded as youngsters and are charged a lower rate, according to the official Disney World website. Anyone older than 10 is charged adult rates. This indicates that visitors under the age of three can enter for free and without a ticket.


In her now-viral video, @myfrienditsmebarbie claims to have seen a family take advantage of this rule while utilising a baby stroller. The family is observed removing a child from the pram after entering the park; this child appears to be older than two.


Although there are many various ticket packages available and prices vary based on the date, one-day adult and child tickets start at $109 and $104, respectively.


“When I worked there, I saw many many families doing this.”

Some Disney fans praised the family’s cunning move and said that they also look for methods to get out of buying tickets.


One TikToker wrote, “My son is 4 but in Disneyland he knows he’s 2.”


Another person said, “I absolutely support this because we went in May and it really felt like taking a second mortgage out on our house.”


Other TikTokers found the idea of bringing children into the park illegal.


“No way. I even tell my kids that it’s improper to use a water cup to buy fountain drinks, one user commented.


At the very least, they could have waited to remove the youngster from the stroller near the door. Another person wrote, “I’d rather simply pay or not go at all, SMH.


Former Disney World workers also commented on the video, allegedly spilling some trade secrets.


One user said, “Worked the front gates, trust me, we know we are ordered to simply let it go.”


I used to work at the entryway, and let me just say that they weren’t paid enough to care that much. Another person added, “I see a stroller, kid says ‘2,’ have a good day.


“That CM [cast member] is aware, but they won’t get involved; instead, they will let the lead and security guard know, and they will be watched.” Probably be added to a blacklist as well,” said a another user.


“As someone who worked at Disney World’s park admission for years… They were always subject to my stops and ticket demands. They have the right to retaliate, exclude you from their property, and demand restitution. It does,” one user stated.


“When I worked there, I saw so many families doing this and they would literally be accompanied by security. Another comment stated, “They have cameras.


While some TikTok users assert that Disney banned strollers as a result of such behaviour, a Disney spokesman recently refuted such assertion.


Walt Disney World retains the right, “in our sole and absolute discretion,” to “deny entrance, prevent access, or order a person already admitted to leave the Walt Disney World Resort or any part thereof.”


Yahoo’s In The Know attempted to contact Disney World for comment but has not received a response.


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