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Horizon Zero Dawn

A multiplayer game and a PS5 remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn are reportedly in development.

2017 saw the initial PlayStation 4 release of Horizon Zero Dawn.


According to reports, a brand-new multiplayer game for PS5 and PC is being developed with a remaster of 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS5.


The Last of Us Part 1 Remake, for which we previously questioned if it was worth its $70 price tag almost nine years after its release, appears to be shortly to be joined by an upgraded version of Aloy’s initial adventure on PS4, according to reports from VGC and MP1ST.


It’s not entirely clear if this will be a complete recreation like The Last of Us Part 1 or merely a remaster, but some of the details suggest the latter. According to sources, this new version would have “accessibility features, graphical modes, and gaming quality of life upgrades.” In a way, Horizon Forbidden West’s enhancements seem to be improving the original.


2020 saw the release of Horizon Zero Dawn for the PC, which included improvements to the draw distance and framerate but wasn’t necessarily regarded as a remake or remaster of the PS4 version.


Similar to The Last of Us Part 1, this remaster appears to be a potential component of Sony’s intention to remake several of its games that are slated for TV or film adaptations. When the series is prepared for its launch, this might be a method to profit on the rekindled enthusiasm, much like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners did for Cyberpunk 2077. Sony officially confirmed a Horizon series for Netflix. It’s crucial to note that God of War is also receiving the series treatment at Amazon, suggesting that the 2018 classic may eventually receive a remaster or remake.


Along with the information about this remake or remaster, sources state that Guerilla Games is actively developing a multiplayer version of Horizon for the PS5 and PC. To work on a “epic open world game,” a Guerilla job posting in 2020 sought a game programmer with prior multiplayer expertise.


VGC observed that leaked Horizon Zero Dawn concept art from 2014 suggested Guerilla’s initial plans to include a multiplayer option akin to Monster Hunter in the game, where players would join up to defeat enormous, mechanical enemies. These ideas may be ready for Horizon 3 or a solo game, but they never came to fruition.


To learn more, see our reviews of Horizon Forbidden West and The Last of Us Part 1 to discover how Sony handles their remakes.

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