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Google System Updates

A nearly forgotten audio switching feature is welcomed by Google System Updates.

Additionally, a little something for PC gaming


Although many of the features in the Google System Updates for September had already been covered by us, they only recently became available to the public. However, it appears that a few stragglers crossed the finish line after all, so we wanted to make sure you know what was formally happening with each component upgrade.


The beta version of Google’s Play Games for PC, which enables users to install Android games on Windows computers, has been made available in more locations. The business appears to be catching up to itself with the late Play Store upgrade to version 32.4, as it will now indicate the exact availability for titles depending on the market the user is in.


When dealing with many multipoint Bluetooth devices, Google first announced smart audio switching capability in July. This feature allows Android to choose where to route audio. At first, that functionality was only available for the Pixel Buds Pro, but it was intended to eventually extend to other devices made by companies like JBL and Sony. Take note of this particular detail: it relates to Google Play services version 31.22. No, we are unsure of the reason why a feature that was supposed to have been released months ago is now being included to September’s updates, but at least it has been properly stated.


Below is the whole changelog for these upgrades. From Google, you may examine the changelogs for every Google System Update. Be sure to pay attention to the footnotes, which list the features associated with a particular Google Play services version, Google Play Store app version, or Google Play System Update.


Management of Accounts in September 2022
Users can hide suggested apps during the Google Kids Space onboarding sequence when using a phone.
Improvements to account syncing and account recovery [2] [Auto, Phone, TV, Wear].
Google Kids Space can be set up on a tablet’s secondary user using a [Phone] during device setup.
[2] [Phone] Bug fixes for utilities-related services and services related to system administration and diagnostics.
[Phone] Users will benefit from a more unified UI experience in line with Google design guidelines as a result of the move of the parental approval and consent to Google Material 3. [4]
Device Interconnection
[Phone] Bluetooth audio peripherals are switched between supported watches and phones for calls. [5]
Google Play Store New Features to Aid in Finding Your Favorite Apps & Games
[3] Optimizations that make downloads and installations faster and more dependable.
[3] Play Protect is always being improved to keep your device secure.
[3] Various performance enhancements, bug fixes, and enhancements to accessibility, stability, and security.
Users can now access a new content-forward display on the Wear OS home page, which makes it simpler to identify recommended apps, thanks to improvements to the Play Store.
[3] [Wear OS] Users’ mobile devices will automatically download the necessary companion app when they install a Wear OS programme that calls for one.
[3] [Wear OS] Users can now browse suggested apps for their Wear OS, Android TV, or Android Auto devices from their Android phones using a new secondary menu.
[3]\s[Phone] Expand results to get additional information about the app or game right inside the Play’s Top Picks module to learn more about Play’s Top Picks. [3] [Phone] Improve the app information pages to assist users in choosing which apps to install. [3] [Phone] Verify whether any apps are currently being installed on any other devices you possess. Optimize menu navigation for large screens when using the phone in landscape mode. [3]
[Phone] On particular Android 13 devices, display information regarding device security from Google Play Protect in the system Security and Privacy settings page.
[3] [Phone] Inform users of the Google Play Games titles that are accessible on PC.
Support the Android 13 user education experience on [phones].
Auto and phone If a user’s sign-on credentials are discovered in a public data breach, Autofill will now alert the user. [2]
With a digital vehicle key, you can now lock, unlock, or start your car while receiving visual feedback on your wallet or phone.
Wear OS [2] With this function, you can expand Google Pay’s payment options in Japan. [2] [Phone] Allow open loop transit agencies to be displayed in the list of available transit passes. Developer Services [2]
To support Account Management, Machine Learning & AI, Security & Privacy related developer services in their apps, Google and third party app developers now have new developer tools.
System management updates that enhance device performance, connectivity, network consumption, security, stability, and updateability. [4]
[1][4]\s[1] available via the September system upgrade on Google Play

[2] Google Play services version 36.22, as of September 29, 2022.

[3] Obtainable from the Google Play Store, version 32.4, as of September 30, 2022.

[4] Google Play services version 39.22, as of September 29, 2022.

[5] Google Play services version 31.22, as of September 29, 2022.

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