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TechA new John Deere jailbreak code is available to “liberate the tractors.”
liberate the tractors

A new John Deere jailbreak code is available to “liberate the tractors.”

Advocate for the right to repair high-end farming machinery solves the mystery.


The right-to-repair movement is fighting to make everything a little bit more durable and sustainable. The latest weapon in this war is a new jailbreak code for John Deere tractors that was unveiled on Saturday at the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas.

Farmers are accustomed to mending whatever breaks with their own two hands, but tractor software lockouts were purposely incorporated by manufacturers to prevent illegal repairs. The corporation said it would make things simpler, but it didn’t start until March of this year. However, there was always a workaround: you could hack the tractors and get past the dealer-only security codes.


At the previous DefCon, expert hacker Sick Codes discussed software flaws in John Deere tractors. Farmers’ responses were less than kind after John Deere utilized his work to patch several security gaps, according to Wired:

According to him, “the right-to-repair side was a little bit opposed to what I was attempting to achieve.” I received emails from some farmers, one of whom said, “You’re mucking up all of our stuff!” So I decided to back up what I say and give farmers concrete evidence that they can root the devices.


Sick Codes claims this year that while his main concerns are global food security and the exposure caused by flimsy farming equipment, he also sees significant benefits in giving farmers complete management over their own equipment. He exclaims, “Liberate the tractors!”


“Farmers choose the older technology purely out of a need for dependability. When they have to dig things out of the ground during the most crucial time of the year, they don’t want anything to go wrong, according to Sick Codes. “So that should be what we all want as well. We want farmers to be able to fix their own equipment in case something goes wrong, and that now includes being able to fix or decide on tractor software.


The right-to-repair movement has also achieved quite a few triumphs since Sick Codes initially published his findings on the tractors in 2021, as Wired noted:

The debate over one’s “right to repair” the equipment they purchase in the US has raged for years, but it appears that the campaign has reached a tipping point. Last year, the Federal Trade Commission was ordered by the White House to step up its enforcement of laws against actions like nullifying warranties for outside repairs. This, along with the passage of New York State’s own right-to-repair bill and innovative activist pressure, has given the campaign an unheard-of amount of momentum.


For the complete account, including how Sick Codes actually compromised everything, visit Wired by clicking through.

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