December 14, 2022 | 4:55pm

A year after Chris Noth was accused of sexual assault by multiple women — and promptly canceled — there have been no criminal charges filed against the actor, nor any civil legal action pursued, Page Six is told.

It was December 9, 2021, when Noth and wife Tara Wilson attended the glitzy premiere of “And Just Like That” — the hotly anticipated HBO Max sequel to “Sex and The City” — in which he reprised his most famous role as Mr. Big.

A week after that, everything changed when two women accused him of sexual assault in a bombshell story in The Hollywood Reporter. Both alleged that seeing Noth on the promotional tour for the new show had triggered distressing memories.

A total of five women would eventually come forward with claims the 68-year-old star had assaulted them.

After The Hollywood Reporter story came out, more women came forward to accuse Noth of sexual assault. He has denied all allegations against him.
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In a Rolling Stone story from January 2022, many women, including former NYU students, claimed Noth was notorious for hanging around bars and attempting to grope women.

Noth was edited out of “And Just Like That” and dropped by his management company. He lost his gig on CBS’ “The Equalizer,” and a Peloton commercial starring Noth was yanked.

Noth, who first starred on “Sex and the City” in 1998, ended up being edited out of “And Just Like That.”
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But there have been no criminal charges filed against the actor, nor any civil legal action pursued, according to sources. Page Six is told that police have never contacted Noth.

“At this point I have not filed any civil case against Chis Noth,” lawyer Gloria Allred told Page Six. She represents singer Lisa Gentile, who alleged that the actor violently laid hands on her in early 2002 at her New York City apartment.

Noth was let go from “The Equalizer” (above).
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“Chris lost every job he was given, but he has never been served with a lawsuit and there has never been a criminal complaint filed. There have been no claims settled,” a Hollywood insider said.

“If one of the women had gone to the police, [authorities] would have had an obligation to investigate regardless of the fact that the statute of limitations may have passed. But there was nothing.”

She added, “In general, the absence of a police report or civil lawsuit is not proof that accusations are false. There are many reasons that accusers do not file lawsuits, and do not wish to file a police report.

“In addition, under the recent law passed in New York, the ‘Adult Survivors Act,’ some accusers may decide to file a lawsuit in the future. No accuser is legally required to contact the police or file a lawsuit.”

The actor is still with wife Tara Wilson, after she was seen not wearing her wedding ring following the accusations.
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In 1995, model Beverly Johnson did file a restraining order against Noth while they were dating, claiming he threatened to kill her. The actor has denied all allegations against him.

Noth and his wife were said to struggle amid the scandal as friends worried for him. Wilson, 40, was seen without her wedding ring, but the pair are still together, Page Six can confirm.

Model Beverly Johnson filed a restraining order against Noth in 1995, claiming he threatened to kill her.
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As for work, Noth has a few upcoming roles in a couple of Indie films, an industry source said, but nothing that is as big as Mr. Big.

Noth said in a statement to Page Six last year: “The accusations against me made by individuals I met years, even decades, ago are categorically false … The encounters were consensual.”