According to director Ryan Coogler, Namor is “A Dream Antagonist” for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

With Black Panther, director Ryan Coogler considerably expanded the MCU’s horizons. The introduction of Wakanda in all its splendour made it seem as though a whole new universe had opened up, and moviegoers want to visit there again (which, fortunately, they did in Avengers: Infinity War). And while the eagerly anticipated follow-up Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will in part immerse viewers even more in the highly developed African nation, Coogler’s film will also reintroduce audiences to a completely new setting: Namor, Marvel’s infamous Sub-Mariner, is coming, and he’s taking us beneath the waves.

Since he has been a stalwart of Marvel Comics since the late 1930s and is also the ruler of a highly developed civilization, Namor is a good choice to cause some trouble in Wakanda Forever. According to Coogler of the comic book series, “the difference between T’Challa and Namor – their personas, and their cultures – just explodes off the page.” He is the ideal adversary.

Tenoch Huerta, a Mexican actor who has been in The Forever Purge and Tigers Are Not Afraid, will play Namor in this instance. This iteration of the character was inspired by Mesoamerican culture and history. “You can adopt from a real culture or take Atlantis from Greek myth,” claims Huerta. The consequences of T’Challa’s choice in Black Panther’s climactic reel to reveal the truth about Wakanda to the outside world cause him to surface as the ruler of Talocan rather than the ruler of Atlantis. Huerta says, “That choice puts Talocan in danger.” “And Talocan must act to safeguard themselves.” Is there one element that has been preserved from the comics? Huerta claims that his Namor is in fact a mutant.

Though there were early intentions for Namor to be teased a few years ago, it’s a chance for comic book fans to witness one of the longest-running Marvel characters finally move to the big screen. Ryan proposed a tag at the conclusion of Black Panther, according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. Wet footprints leading to the throne would appear after the camera passed through Wakanda’s royal palace. Prepare for the ultimate kingdoms fight.

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