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Kanye West - Kim Kardashian

According to Kanye West, Kim Kardashian is in charge of raising their kids “80% of the time.”

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Yeezy West is talking openly about having a child with Kim Kardashian.


On the Alo Mind podcast on Friday, the 45-year-old Grammy-winning rapper addressed the criticism he’s faced, saying: “You get to that point where everyone wants to say ‘Oh, it’s mental health,’ and everybody wants you to apologise a million times.”


“Everyone wants to have everyone so high and under control that you’re not even allowed to sand up for the things that you’re passing to your family,” he continued.


West continued, “North is nine, Saint is six, Chicago is four, and Psalm is three.” He is married to Kardashian, 41 “Your first church was in your home. As a result, I continue to this day to give Kim advise on things that can be helpful because those are going to the kids. She still has to raise those kids, essentially 80% of the time.”


After being married to West for over seven years, Kardashian filed for divorce.


Since then, viewers of Hulu’s The Kardashians have watched her deal with their divorce and try to co-parent their four children.


In a photograph, Kanye West embraces his children while saying, “These Future Leaders Will Never Back Down.”


Despite the drama between the ex-couple, Kardashian, 41, stated in a May episode that she wanted West to be present in their children’s life.


In the episode, West arrives in a firetruck to pick up the kids from their homes and drive them to school.


The founder of SKIMS stated in a confessional, “No matter what we’re going through, I always want my kids to be around their dad as much as possible and just enjoy their mornings with Dad and get dropped off at school.”


Kim Kardashian pauses her Tonight Show interview to tell the audience to quiet down after hearing a saint and psalm: “Come on!”


Everyone wants to be a cool dad, but sometimes you have to don the fire hat or the Easter bunny costume, said West. “I think sometimes people are shy to be fantastic parents, everyone wants to be a cool dad,” he continued.


In a recent interview with Robin Roberts, Kardashian discussed her protracted divorce with the rapper and said that she is “very upfront and honest” with their children about the breakup.


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While Kardashian agreed that their two older children “know what’s going on,” she added that their “smaller ones don’t really grasp.”


In the April chat, she stated that all you can do is to simply be there for them. “You simply need to have a very open conversation with your children, no matter what, especially in this chaotic life that we lead. I’ve had chats with Kanye. I hate that it had to go that way since we have to communicate with the kids on a daily basis. However, Kanye and I will always be family when it comes to that.”

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