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According to rumours, Prince William intends to “tear up the rulebook” as Prince of Wales by altering the position King Charles occupied for the majority of his life.

In September, Prince William succeeded his father, who had served as the Prince of Wales for more than 64 years.


King Charles III stated that some members of the royal family will take on new titles in his first speech as monarch, which was delivered one day after Queen Elizabeth II passed away.


William, his oldest son, would succeed him as Prince of Wales, and Kate Middleton, his wife, would succeed her as Princess of Wales. Following Charles III, who held the title for 64 years, William is the 22nd Prince of Wales.


But as he takes on the position, William reportedly intends to change some details to make it his own, according to publications including The Mirror and The Sun.


In contrast to his father, King Charles III, William intends to hold a more modest investiture ceremony.


The Mirror claims that William is setting himself apart from previous kings by forgoing a spectacular investiture ceremony. A person who has been given an honour is presented with it personally by a member of the royal family during an investiture ceremony.


According to The Mirror, the ritual in relation to the British throne often comprises a monarch giving the Prince of Wales objects commonly connected with the title.


At Caernarfon Castle, King Charles III held a huge event in 1969, but William probably won’t.


There are “no plans for any form of an investiture as the Prince’s father had,” a royal source told the media site.


William is reducing his staff and doing away with formal clothes.


Prince William and Kate reportedly desired to modernise the British monarchy, according to The Sun in May 2022. One method they’re accomplishing this, according to the publication, is by hiring only half the staff members King Charles III needed when he was the Prince of Wales.


William reportedly informed his workers that they weren’t required to wear suits to the office, according to Valentine Low’s book “Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown.” Low was informed by one of the family members that “he wants to keep it informal.”


“He doesn’t want the office to be stuffy since the kids run about there. Naturally, we [wear suits] if we have significant meetings or are visiting Buckingham Palace “a royal insider informed Low. “It started with casual Fridays, but William told them that they may dress informally if there were no key individuals coming in for meetings.”


The royal family has a long-standing rule of “never complain, never explain,” which William is abandoning.


According to The Mirror, William also intends to do away with the “never complain, never explain” philosophy.


The royal couple travelled to Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas—all three Commonwealth nations—during a contentious Caribbean tour that began in March 2022. As a result of the visit, William and Kate encountered opposition, with anti-colonialism demonstrations breaking out in Belize and Jamaica.


The Sun was told by a source: “Attacks left them battered and their trip to the Caribbean reminded them of the colonial era. In the future, they will disregard the manual and conduct themselves “The Cambridge Way.” They are attempting to determine what that would resemble.”


The trust between William and Kate and the Welsh people is currently being strengthened.


According to The Mirror, William and Kate intend to improve relations with Welsh citizens as a result of their new titles.


According to a royal source who spoke to the site, “the Prince and Princess of Wales are currently focused on gradually gaining the trust and respect of the people of Wales.”


The couple left for Wales on September 27 to make their official debut as the Prince and Princess of Wales.


In a news release, Kensington Palace stated that “Their Royal Highnesses are looking forward to spending more time in Wales over the coming months and years, taking the time to build their relationship with communities in all regions of Wales.”

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