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HomeTechAccording to YouTube, a test that saw up to 10 unskippable adverts during a break has “concluded.” [U]

According to YouTube, a test that saw up to 10 unskippable adverts during a break has “concluded.” [U]

Over the years, advertisements have crept into the YouTube experience as a way to support creators financially and maintain the platform. However, it appears like YouTube is now going above and beyond with its advertising, playing up to 10 non-skippable adverts in a row.


Update: YouTube has given more insight for this rise in adverts in a statement to 9to5Google. For additional information, continue reading.


On YouTube, commercial breaks generally show before the start of a video as well as throughout it if the producer permits it. These breaks can typically last a few seconds or a few minutes, but longer adverts typically offer the option to skip that ad after a certain amount of time.


Some YouTube users have noticed that, over the past few of months, the number and length of adverts on the site have significantly increased, especially for unskippable formats.


Ad interruptions in larger videos might occur as frequently as every few minutes, according to several Reddit postings. The increase in reports from viewers who say they are seeing a lot more unskippable advertising during YouTube ad breaks is just as bad, if not worse. Recent tweets and Reddit threads reveal ad breaks with up to 10 consecutive, non-skippable advertisements.

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