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Chrissy Teigen

After disclosing that her miscarriage was a life-saving abortion, Chrissy Teigen responds to “brutal” comments.

After disclosing that her miscarriage in 2020 was an abortion to save her own life, Chrissy Teigen responded to insults.


After disclosing that she had had a life-saving abortion, Chrissy Teigen is responding to social media followers.


The model recently spoke about her miscarriage in 2020, describing how she sought medical attention after realising that her son Jack would not live through the pregnancy. “It became quite evident at the midway point that he would not survive, and that I would not either without any medical assistance,” Chrissy said during a meeting on September 15.


She said, “Let’s just call it what it was: an abortion. “To preserve my life, I underwent an abortion for a child that had no chance. And to be quite honest, I didn’t think that through until a few months ago.”


Chrissy commented on the public’s response to her sharing her tale on Twitter after hearing the news.


I already seen you at your worst, so if this makes you feel better, wonderful, I knew this was going to happen, she wrote. However, it doesn’t make me feel worse.


The founder of Cravings posted images of what she claimed to be Glamour’s Instagram post about her abortion, which she described as having “brutal” comments.


“One person said, “She’s such a drama queen,” and another responded, “Why do we need to know this? Seriously.”


We previously gave you a Pity Party, so what should we do with this information, read another comment.


She was defended by others, one of whom said, “This discussion forum is so poisonous. Wow.”


The cookbook author is now expecting a new child. She and John Legend are parents to Miles, 4, and Luna, 6, respectively.


The pair, who have been vocal about their infertility issues, disclosed that a pregnancy loss had occurred in 2020.


“Despite receiving countless bags of blood transfusions, we were never able to stop the bleeding and give our son the fluids he need. It was simply insufficient “At the time, Chrissy posted on Instagram. “I’m so sorry, Jack. Your early years were filled with so many difficulties that we were unable to provide you with the shelter you required to survive. We’ll cherish you forever.”



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