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America's Got Talent

All shaken up: The Season 17 finale of “America’s Got Talent” suddenly brings back the “best rock act ever”

The America’s Got Talent Season 17 finals were held on Tuesday, with some of the 11 competitors rising to the occasion, such as Australian pole dancer/multimedia storyteller Kristy Sellars, whom judge Howie Mandel praised as “perfection,” and Lebanese dance group me Mayyas, whom Howie praised as “so great for women, female empowerment, and your culture” and Heidi Klum referred to as a “million-dollar act.” Others, regrettably


But it appears that one augmented-reality gimmick entrant, MetaPhysic, may outshine and outrank all of those competitors. Simon Cowell wildly proclaimed MetaPhysic the greatest act in AGT history two weeks earlier. Of course, Simon is undoubtedly prejudiced because MetaPhysic have always used Simon, or at least a creepy cyborg Simon, as part of their joke by reinventing him as an opera singer of international renown. Later, a deepfake Howie and Terry Crews came in for a robotic rendition of “Nessun Dorma” during the quarterfinals, and this week, MetaPhysic further curryd the judges’ favour by adding Heidi and Sofia Vergara fembot facsimiles as backup singers alongside the fake Simon.


However, it wasn’t Sofia and Heidi who gave MetaPhysic the upper hand this week. For their last number, MetaPhysic delivered on their promise to digitally revive “the greatest rock act ever,” bringing Elvis Presley back to life onstage. This special “guest performer” had the potential to give MetaPhysic the Season 17 championship. Indeed, viva Las Vegas.


The judges were “blown away” and “shook up” by MetaPhysic’s Elvis routine on Tuesday, despite the fact that the group’s performances on previous episodes of AGT had divided viewers who questioned if it was fair for them to compete against real-life acts with “genuine talent.” Simon said, “Let’s remember what this night is all about: It’s about winning, it’s about the money, and more importantly, it’s about being in Vegas. Heidi termed MetaPhysic “beyond fantastic,” Sofia called them “amazing,” and Simon described them as “beyond good.” I think this is possibly the most amazing, unique act we’ve ever seen. You’re very inventive. There is no doubt that you will host your own concert at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. Be prepared.


This time around, many fans agreed with Simon. One supporter, John Clark, tweeted, “MetaPhysic should win #AGT. Imagine the money needed to bring back legendary performers for concerts in Las Vegas. This could be the future of live entertainment, or at least the future of America’s Got Talent, if MetaPhysic are proclaimed the million-dollar champions on Wednesday.


Find out in the big finale on Wednesday, which will feature Darius Rucker, Jon Pardi, the Black Eyed Peas, and Henry “The Fonz” Winkler, an evident follower of Elvis, as well as standouts like Kristy Sellars and Mayyas.



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