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peopleAn Inside Look Into an Expert Real Estate Broker Dean Miller’s Journey

An Inside Look Into an Expert Real Estate Broker Dean Miller’s Journey

For anyone to start up and thrive in the competitive real estate industry, three essential factors will help you grow: capital, knowledge and experience. You need to have enough financial backup, learn from a professional coach/mentor and other successful real estate agents, and gain experience by working with expert realtors who will assist you in scaling up. Dean Miller is an expert real estate broker who started small but has put a lot of effort, money, and determination to succeed in the industry. An entrepreneur and investor, Dean  is the founder and owner of The Beacon Realty Group, Dean Miller Real Estate, and public relations, marketing and media company, The Business Beacon.

Dean is largely recognized for challenging the current industry standard model of brokerages through his company, The Beacon Realty Group. Dean initially launched the company to service the agents within his real estate brokerage. He eventually expanded to helping clients in the mortgage industry, insurance, hospitality, local small businesses, business coaches, and public figures. Dean decided to expand after observing that, in most cases, agents are taught how to sell the next house instead of building their brand and business to improve their lives and those around them. He believes that brokerages across the country do not do enough to guide and help their agents become entrepreneurs and well-known in their hyperlocal areas and is using social media as the vehicle to do so.

Dean is unique in that he resourcefully uses social media to scale businesses despite his age. At 53, he believes in helping agents create connections and relationships instead of just individual transactions. His public relations, marketing and media company, The Business Beacon, differentiates itself from its competitors by guiding people onto the camera and creating the right message for the appropriate audience. The company also helps people understand how to implement paid and organic videos to build a presence in their local community or wherever their ideal clients reside. 

Dean’s innovative nature has seen him gain immeasurable success. At just 16, he launched and ran a successful DJ business, Gold Star entertainment. After that, he ventured into the corporate world, working at the data center for MasterCard, and then evolving into international sales, where he was responsible for sales and distribution of credit card security features, before quitting to pursue his entrepreneurial passion. Later, Dean ventured into real estate where he owned several franchises and now operartes as an independent brokerage. He has also invested in some of the most prominent real estate technology start-ups resulting in massive returns. 

In the early days of his real estate business, Dean zoomed through cold calling, door knocking, networking events, and creating educational videos about the real estate purchase and sales process. Dean has been willing to experience failure, but he advises that you should not run away from failure because it is part of the growth process. You must learn from your mistakes and remain focused to attain your vision. It would help if you also had the proper guidance to avoid setbacks and get to where you want to be quicker. 

In the next few years, the intellectual entrepreneur would like to be a leading resource for business owners and aspiring/current entrepreneurs to increase their brand awareness on the media side. He also wishes to improve the lives and businesses of hundreds of real estate professionals across the country. 

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