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Angelina Jolie’s representative denies specifics in her most recent allegations regarding the 2016 aeroplane incident.

More details regarding an alleged physical confrontation between the former couple that occurred on a plane in 2016 are included in a countersuit actress Angelina Jolie filed against her ex-husband Brad Pitt on Tuesday.


A Pitt representative told CNN that the most recent charges were “absolutely incorrect.”


Pitt and Jolie are at odds over Jolie’s decision to sell her share of their co-owned Chateau Miraval winery in France. In 2021, Jolie sold Tenute del Mondo, a division of the Stoli Group, which is run by Russian businessman Yuri Shefler, her share of the winery.


Pitt filed a lawsuit against Jolie in February, alleging that they had made a deal that neither would sell without the other’s approval.


In her countersuit, Jolie contends that there was never any such arrangement and that she sold her share of the vineyard to achieve “financial independence” from Pitt and to bring an end to this “very stressful and sad chapter of her and their children’s lives.”


More information regarding the alleged encounter on a private plane on September 14, 2016, five days before Jolie filed for divorce, is also provided in the court filings obtained by CNN.

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In a part of her lawsuit headed “Why Jolie Separated from Pitt,” Jolie claims that Pitt got into a fight with one of their six children, who were between the ages of 8 and 15, before to leaving for the airport. The filing claims that Pitt verbally attacked Jolie after she asked him “what was wrong” on the plane, and that an hour and a half later, Pitt “pulled” her into the bathroom and “grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her, and then grabbed her shoulders and shook her again before pushing her into the bathroom wall.”


Pitt allegedly choked one of the kids and hit another one in the face, according to the accusation. A few of the kids begged Pitt to stop. All of them were terrified. There were many sobs.


A representative for Pitt stated in a statement to CNN on Tuesday that “(Jolie’s) tale continues to morph each time she tells it with new, unfounded charges. Brad won’t take blame for things he didn’t do, but he has accepted responsibility for what he did. These latest charges are entirely false.


Some of these specifics were previously published by CNN from an FBI report that was substantially redacted in August.


Following the conclusion of an investigation by the FBI in 2016, Pitt was neither detained or charged in relation to the event.


The FBI has reviewed the circumstances and decided not to pursue further investigation in response to complaints made following a flight that landed in Los Angeles carrying Mr. Brad Pitt and his children and that was inside the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States. At the time, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller told CNN that no charges had been brought in this case.


“This information has been available to all parties for almost six years and has been used in prior court procedures. A source close to Pitt said of the August article, “There is nothing new here and serves no purpose other than being a media gimmick aimed to cause grief.


Regarding the most recent court document, which claims that during the plane altercation, Pitt allegedly “lunged at his own child and Jolie held him from behind to restrain him,” CNN has contacted representatives for Jolie. Pitt injured Jolie’s back and elbow as he hurled himself backward into the aeroplane seats to help Jolie off his back.


The children “rushed in and all heroically tried to defend each other,” according to the court filings, while Jolie and the kids “sat quiet and mute under blankets.” No one feared to use the restroom.


Due to the “hurt Pitt put on the family that day,” the lawsuit documents claim that Jolie and her six children have been unable to go back to Chateau Miraval.


The arguments stated in Nouvel LLC, Jolie’s previous companycountersuit, ,’s which was filed last month, are repeated in many ways in Jolie’s countersuit.


Jolie “did nothing to drive (the) expansion,” according to Pitt’s prior assertion, of the company, which he said he developed into a “multimillion dollar international success story.”


Pitt “refused to provide Jolie or Nouvel equal access to Chateau Miraval’s records or an equal voice over management,” essentially “keeping the most substantial part of her net worth hostage,” according to Nouvel in its countersuit.


According to Jolie’s countersuit, the two “shared their responsibilities and generally split costs,” “like other couples,” as well.


“Jolie put her acting and directing careers second to her top priority of raising the kids. She also managed the day-to-day operations of the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, to which she gave not only a significant amount of time but also a significant amount of money (more than twice what Pitt gave), according to the report. Pitt kept up his Hollywood career while taking the lead on the chateau’s renovations.


She also asserts that Pitt was going to purchase her share of the winery for $54.5 million in February despite her repeated attempts to sell it to him. However, she claims that Pitt “demanded” she sign a broad non-disparagement clause, which would have prevented her from discussing Pitt’s alleged personal conduct toward her or the family outside of court, including the 2016 incident’s abuse allegations.


This condition, according to Jolie, is “an aggressive and domineering deal-breaker” and she refused to sign it.


In order for the actress to “move on from the winery and chateau,” the complaint requests that the court recognise Jolie’s sale of her interest as final.

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