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Apple changed the battery % icon in iOS 16 in response to your comments.

People have expressed strong opinions on the icon ever since the globe first saw the reintroduced battery % indicator in iOS 16 at the beginning of last month. Many said Apple might have done a better job with it, including Cherlynn Low, the deputy editor of Engadget. Until your iPhone’s battery drains to less than 20% of its capacity, the icon stays static and shows merely a percentage. The indicator is less useful than it could be due to a design choice, as you typically need to look closely to see how much battery you still have.




Fortunately, Apple is developing a better version of the symbol. The business launched the second iOS 16.1 beta earlier today (via MacRumors). The update includes a change to the battery percentage metre, among other changes. The icon will now progressively lose power as your iPhone’s battery declines, rather than just going red when the battery drops below 20% charge. It’s a little adjustment, but one that enhances usefulness.


A change to the lock screen is included in beta two as well. A battery percentage indicator will momentarily appear above the time when you plug your phone in to charge, bringing back an iOS 15 functionality. One will also show up inside the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. A date has not yet been set for the release of iOS 16’s next update. We should also point out that some of the modifications revealed in beta two could yet be improved by Apple.



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