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Apple increases battery prices for the iPhone 14 above pre-Batterygate levels.

Since 2017, the price of authentic iPhone batteries has never exceeded $70.


While the price of the iPhone 14’s hardware is virtually the same as that of the previous model, the price of a new battery has increased significantly and already exceeds what Apple was asking prior to its “Batterygate” reckoning in 2016–2017.


Any iPhone 14 model’s battery replacement will cost $99 instead of the $69 Apple charges for the 13, 12, 11, and X lines. The most recent iPhone SE and earlier iPhone models cost $49 each. These costs are for items that are out of warranty and not covered by AppleCare+ at an Apple Store; rates at approved Apple repair facilities may differ.

If the battery health of the device is at 80% or below, Apple will normally only replace the battery as part of the AppleCare+ service. Although temperature, keeping the battery at a low charge, and other variables can shorten battery longevity quickly, Apple claims that their batteries are rated to endure 500 cycles before reaching 80%.


Although a 43 percent price rise for a battery replacement that is quite comparable to the one in the iPhone 13 is noteworthy, Apple’s most recent battery pricing is actually a correction from a previously, widely reported aberration.


When Apple’s silent, undocumented practise of slowing down older phones advanced from crowdsourced benchmark theory to an apology from Apple and, inevitably, a “Batterygate” label in late 2017, battery replacements on an iPhone 6 and later cost $79 instead.


Along with the unusual admission of error, Apple also temporarily lowered the cost of non-warranty/AppleCare battery replacements to $29. That persisted through 2018, but in 2019, Apple reduced the price of its new batteries by $10 from their pre-“gate” levels, charging $69. Price remained the same up to the iPhone 14.


Additionally, the company has gradually integrated battery health information to iOS, allowing users access to their maximum capacity and letting them know if their system would need to be slowed down to handle a weaker battery voltage—at least if they have an original Apple battery installed.

Himanshu Mahawar

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