Arc A770’s BiFrost was enabled by Acer.

The first Arc A7 desktop GPUs appear to have been sent to the press by Acer without delay. According to, an Israeli tech website, they already have a thorough assessment of this card.

Here is the solution to your question about the performance of a customised Arc A7 GPU. Plonter was able to secure a sample of a customised Acer Predator BiForst GPU, therefore making them the first media outlet to evaluate any customised Arc GPU.

The fully customised Acer Predator A770 has two fans and two 8-pin power connectors. It’s interesting that this 16GB variant is being offered instead of the 8GB model that will be the default option for A770 custom designs.

This GPU has a reference “Graphics” clock of 2100 MHz and a TBP of 225W, according to the test. Despite this, we are not fully certain what the ‘OC’ on this card represents. The settings for the display output remain unchanged as well. The website doesn’t specify whether the HDMI ports are 2.0 or 2.1.

The website contains all of the performance data for this card, but regrettably no information on availability or cost. There is a possibility that it will launch with Intel Limited Edition GPUs next week, at least in Israel, given that the sample has already been distributed to the media.