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Army Veteran brings Jack Black, Mark Cuban and others together for Hope and Kindness!

Colin Wayne lives his life through the motto of “People Over Profit”, and that is exactly what has helped him to achieve success on various levels ever since he almost gave his life for this country. 

Colin is a decorated Army Veteran who survived a rocket attack on his base in Afghanistan. Through hard work and the desire to keep giving back to his country, Colin turned his post-active duty career into a path of serving others in another way. Having built his home decor steel company, Redline Steel, from the ground up and into the tens of millions of dollars in revenue, Colin has used his success to give back to countless military Veterans and other civilians in all walks of life.

Past partnerships with Megan Fox, Amber Heard, Lance Bass and others have seen great success, and over the holiday season this year, he has brought together even more celebrity friends with other non-profit organizations such as Autism Speaks and The American Cancer Society.

Mark Cuban, Jack Black, Cutter Elliot, Ethan Zohn, Patrika Darbo, Alex Rose Wiesel, Michael Campion, Miles Tagtmeyer, Matt Higgins, Carolyn Hennesy, Lexi Sidders and countless others have joined both Colin’s partnered HOPE and BE KIND campaigns that are all about giving back.

Proceeds from sales of the heart Be Kind item  which are still available now are to be donated back to Autism Speaks, where the organization sees daily some of their peers bullied by others due to having autism. And although Redline Steel / Colin’s recent partnership with the American Cancer Society ended, Colin still promotes various products on his website to help raise funds for them and other non-profits.

Speaking on his give-back efforts with Autism Speaks – http://redlinesteel.co/as – Colin tells us,  “I am proud to partner with Autism Speaks in an effort to advocate for the autism community. Autism affects 1 in 44 children in the USA, and while it can vary in severity, all individuals with autism deserve to be treated with kindness. We believe that by working together, we can provide affected families with the tools and resources they need to help individuals with autism thrive in a kinder world.”

With Army Veterans like Colin Wayne continuing to lead the way and show that everyone, serving or not, can give back either through money or their companies donating, life can be better for all across the country. 

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