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EntertainmentAt MTV’s VMAs, the BLACKPINK girls lit up the stage with their Pink Venom dance moves.

At MTV’s VMAs, the BLACKPINK girls lit up the stage with their Pink Venom dance moves.

BLACKPINK, a South Korean girl group, lit up the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) 2022. BLACKPINK performed at MTV’s annual VMA awards, igniting glamour, and their dance moves on the audience’s favourite song Pink Venom were a spectacular success. It was not only an entertaining piece, but the snippets went viral on social media.


What exactly is BLACKPINK? Who exactly are they?
BLACKPINK is a four-piece South Korean pop girl group. BLACKPINK’s lead singers are Jennie, Lisa, Jisso, and Rose. Each of them is versatile and excels in a specific field. Kim and Jisso do an excellent job with the vocals. BLACKPINK’s lead dancers, on the other hand, are Lisa and Rose.


The K-pop ladies appear to be quite experimental with their work, having experimented with genres other than K-pop such as EDM, hip hop, and trap. BLACKPINK has been active since 2016 and has appeared in numerous songs released by major labels such as Interscope, YG, and YGEX.


BLACKPINK’s debut performance at the MTV Video Music Awards set the stage on fire:

The worldwide applause and appreciation for how these girls captured the American stage is incredible. Lisa is nominated for best L-pop song, and this K-pop group is up for two nominations: Best Metaverse Performance and Best Group.


Pink Venom, BLACKPINK’s latest single released by YG Entertainment, has gone viral with over 200 million views on YouTube. This is an accomplishment, and Pink Venom is the fastest single K-pop video to go viral since How You Like That.


Pink Venom by BLACKPINK was ranked 22nd on the top 100 British Official Singles Chart. The new studio album release after Pink Venom is set to be released on September 16th, this year.


Before its official release date, the studio album Born Pink has received over 2 million preorders. In a recent interview with Billboard, Jennie stated that the world will witness hip-hop in the style of BLACKPINK. The K-pop girl squad will combine pop music with two languages, Korean and English, and a hip-hop foundation.


This is a cool form of hip-hop that the world will see, not a rebellious form.

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