Avril Lavigne Applauds Taylor Swift: Would ‘Love’ Work? A Joint Venture

This friendship, on the other hand, is not at all complex!

Fans of Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift rejoiced when Tay-Tay sent celebratory flowers to everyone’s favorite’sk8er grrrrrl’ on the release of Lavigne’s latest LP, “Love Sux,” on February 25th.

Swift also wrote a message to her buddy, in which she stated that she had been “dancing around [her] kitchen to your fantastic new record!” Swift clearly understands when she hears a catchy compilation of music!

Is there a chance they’ll work together in the future?

Not only was Lavigne moved by her friend’s gift, but she also indicated an interest in working together in a recent Us Weekly interview.
“I’d love to work with Taylor,” Lavigne remarked. She’s incredible. I have a lot of admiration for her as a lyricist and an artist.”

Lavigne is an accomplished songwriter. With the release of her debut album “Let Go,” the now 37-year-old vocalist exploded into the music scene and into the national consciousness in 2002.

Songwriting Sisters

She notably wrote “Breakaway” for Kelly Brianne (previously Clarkson), which became a huge success after it was published on her career-defining sophomore album of the same name and included on the soundtrack to “Princess Diaries II: Royal Engagement!”

Even casual Swift fans are aware of the importance of songwriting in Swift’s career and how it has led her to become one of the most well-known musicians of her time.

Both Lavigne and Swift built a reputation for themselves by not holding back and expressing their emotions via their songwriting skills.

Darlings in Crisis

Lavigne was heavily involved in the songwriting process for her debut album as a youngster, and she is acknowledged as a co-writer on every track.

Lavigne has already spoken up about how she was seen in relation to her desire to have control over her songwriting.

She recently recounted an early songwriting experience while working on her debut album. “[Older male producers] wanted to give me tunes, and I loathed it,” she told I News UK. People didn’t want to listen to me when I came into the studio with my guitar and a notepad. ‘You have no idea what you’re doing,’ they said.

Swift followed in Lavigne’s footsteps as a teen when she reached a milestone that many composers do not reach until they have numerous albums or songs to their credit: she composed her third album, “Speak Now,” by herself!

Swift, too, has had to contend with songwriting detractors who remain suspicious of what she is doing.

Damon Albarn, a highly renowned composer and member of Blur, recently questioned Swift’s songwriting ability, which he then sought to disavow.

Swift and Lavigne are now unconcerned and focused on what they do best: making music, regardless of critical acclaim.

“Love Sux,” Lavigne’s most recent album, comprises 12 pop-punk-influenced tracks, with plenty of fun and snappy guitar-driven songs.

Swift has continued to release re-recorded versions of her first six studio albums, the most recent of which is her 2012 LP “Red.”

Swift’s loyal fans have been hard at work on social media attempting to figure out which album she will re-release next; for now, we can only hope for an Avril Lavigne-Taylor Swift duet to appear on a future T. Swift vault track!