Balfour launches new guide for inclusive behaviour

Balfour Group HR director Paul Raby said its new Right to Respect initiative is “equivalent to Zero Harm for inclusive behaviour.”

The initiative is underpinned by a Code of Ethics detailing guidelines on “doing the right thing” on site, in the office and at social events.

It was piloted with 1,000 employees last year and will now be rolled-out across the UK in phases this year.

Raby said: “At Balfour Beatty, we recognise the impact that words and behaviours can have on others – both positive and negative.

“We’ve come a long way from some of the outdated attitudes many of us once knew, not just in our industry but in wider society, and so much the better. But in this fast-paced world we all need a bit of help to understand where the new lines are.

“No one wants to work in a sterile environment. We want to encourage our people to communicate, collaborate and enjoy being in the workplace.

“However, everyone has different tolerances and opinions on what is or isn’t acceptable and sometimes, actions – either by accident or deliberately – can make others feel awkward, excluded, or overlooked.

“In response, we’re taking action to help develop a shared understanding of where the boundaries are, and how to challenge unacceptable behaviour when we see it.”

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