Overwatch 2

Because it is being attacked, Overwatch 2 is currently unavailable [UPDATES].

Although Blizzard claims to have fixed several server time out login issues, players shouldn’t be shocked by lines.

You’re not the only one who had problems entering Overwatch 2 at launch. Blizzard president Mike Ybarra announced on Twitter that the Overwatch 2 servers are currently undergoing a “mass” distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which typically occurs when something is maliciously flooded with traffic to prevent others from connecting. This is probably the main reason why anyone trying to enter into the game is experiencing connectivity problems.

People have been complaining about absurdly lengthy wait times for Overwatch 2 since its premiere today, with some gamers claiming sitting behind tens of thousands of other players. Other launch problems include missing cosmetics, lost match records, and problematic cameras. For a large-scale live service game launch, strange failures are typical. However, Overwatch 2 being the target of a cyberattack is not as frequent.

The servers should return soon. Probably. We simply don’t know the precise ETA for it. When asked by Kotaku when the servers would be operating at full capacity again, Blizzard did not respond by the time this article was published.

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The original Overwatch, which just saw its servers go offline after six years, is completely being replaced by Blizzard’s new free-to-play shooter. Unfortunately, you can’t just launch Overwatch while you wait for the DDoS onslaught to end. Overwatch 2’s limited live service progression for character unlocks left several critics cold, albeit they seemed to enjoy the game’s actual gameplay. People were already convinced that Overwatch 2 is barely more than an update for a perfectly serviceable competitive game, so the free-to-play shift felt like one of the bigger changes was a huge bummer to many fans.

Anyway, once Blizzard has the servers under control again, I hope you can at least regain your position in line.

10/5/22 11:29 PM E.T. Update: Blizzard has addressed the ongoing connectivity problems affecting the brand-new free-to-play hero shooter in a brand-new blog post. While some of the circumstances have been changed and are being worked on, the developer warns that there may still be a wait. The distinction is that spectators won’t witness two queues follow one another. Unfortunately, even attempting to repair this causes more stress on the game servers, so the problem will likely persist for some time. Blizzard explains:

We’ll discuss login queues, server crashes, and stability issues together because they are all related. It’s possible that players have noticed that their wait numbers have been fluctuating, moving from a low number to a high number. This is because there are two queues for players: one on Battle.net and one on the actual game. Players are often blind to this process, but it was visible in real time. The queueing procedure has been simplified, and players should now only encounter one queue before starting the game.

We are attempting to increase stability in numerous areas. We fixed a server today that is essential to the login process, and this modification has improved login dependability. Beyond queues, we’re working on a server update that will lessen the likelihood of gamers getting disconnected while already playing.

Finally, the overburdened player database leads to a backup in the login mechanism, which ultimately results in some users being kicked out of queues or unable to log in at all.

In order to relieve the strain on the player database, we are continuing to add nodes. We’re adding nodes gradually to prevent more interruption as developers and engineers work through various problems since the replication of data required by the process naturally puts additional strain on a system that is already under stress. Additionally, we are now slowing queues to protect the player database as much as we can while scaling; this feels horrible in the near term, but once it’s done, it will significantly enhance the experience for players going ahead on many fronts.