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EntertainmentBefore the first fashion show, Coco Austin and Ice-6-year-old T’s daughter takes a shower in the sink.
Coco Austin

Before the first fashion show, Coco Austin and Ice-6-year-old T’s daughter takes a shower in the sink.

Coco Austin and Ice-T’s 6-year-old daughter Chanel took a bath in their sink before heading to a fashion show with her mom. Find out why Coco remarked that “the sink is simplest.”


Sometimes it’s best to wash up before going to the concert!


A behind-the-scenes look at how Coco Austin prepared her 6-year-old daughter Chanel, who she and her husband Ice-T share, for Chanel’s debut fashion presentation was revealed by Coco Austin. Coco had to do her own hair and makeup, and the two of them had to choose their respective clothing for the occasion. But before we got to that final stage, Chanel took a wash in the sink while scrolling through her iPad.


Why not utilise the tub itself? They only had an hour to get ready for the event, according to Coco’s Sept. 22 Instagram post. The sink is simplest when you have to be quick, the 43-year-old wrote.


The dip in the sink, however, has caused quite a rift in the comment section, despite the fact that Coco explained her justification for the hygiene hack.


“Yall continue treating her like an Infant,” one user said. while yet adding, “Are you serious? In the sink of the kitchen! She is no longer a baby!”


Some people, however, had a more favourable opinion of the situation, with one saying, “The sink tub so adorable.” Sink baths are the greatest, a different person added.


Later that day, the two went to a Patricia Field fashion show where Coco wore a blue dress with a sparkly necklace in various colours. Chanel wore a black long sleeve shirt, pink checkered skirt, and matching headpiece.


It’s not the first time that Coco has drawn flak for her decisions about Chanel. Coco and Ice-T faced criticism for uploading a picture of Chanel in a stroller while on a family vacation to Atlantis Bahamas back in May.


After CNN had covered the stroller incident, Ice-T intervened with his opinion.


“Lol… CNN? Really?” he tweeted on May 24. “MFs don’t have anything more to say. F the lot. Smh. Lol.”


The pair just celebrated the first day of her first grade year. Coco shared a video of herself sobbing after dropping Chanel off at school on the first day as a way to be open about the moment.


In an Instagram post on September 8, she said, “I know you moms can understand.” Who else is in a state of emotional collapse on the first day of class?



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