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Bella's 14th birthday nose job blasted by Yolanda Hadid

Bella’s 14th birthday nose job blasted by Yolanda Hadid

Yolanda Hadid is in serious water after Bella Hadid revealed she got a nose operation at 14.

Twitter users are criticising the former supermodel for allowing her children to have surgery at such a young age, even labelling her a horrible mother.

“Yolanda” Sorry, but she’s a bad mommy. In the sake of ‘maintenance,’ she allowed her just out of adolescent daughter receive cosmetic surgery??” a Twitter user said.

What Bella is willing to disclose now is her decision, but it’s crucial for young women reading this (and putting themselves to the same crushing standards) to realise that the rest is not simply ‘face tape.’

Others lambasted the 58-year-old for having Bella conceal her Palestinian ancestry in favour of a “white” look.

Yolanda’s previous marriage to Mohamed Hadid was mocked on Twitter by one individual.

‘Perfect ralph Lauren all American girl’ who acquired more of their dad’s Dutch genes than their dad’s Palestinian genes demonstrates how embedded beauty standards are with whiteness and eurocentric features,” said another. “I want to embrace Bella.”

As a result of the rhinoplasty, Bella, now 25, expressed sorrow in her Vogue cover storey.

“I wish I had my ancestors’ nose,” she remarked. “I believe I would have adapted.”

Bella has previously denied receiving cosmetic surgery, blaming her changing appearance on adolescence.

“People assume I messed up my looks because of a photograph of me as a teenager. “Are you sure you look the same as you did at 13?” she told a mag.

“I don’t use filler. Let’s finish it. It’s fine, but not for me.”

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