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Big Brother spoilers: The veto meeting sets off a house that was already on fire.

The Big Brother house finally blew up. It was only a matter of time.

At today’s meeting, Michael used the Power of Veto to get himself and his partner in the Festie Bestie twist, Brittany, off the block. This lit a fuse on many things in the house that could catch fire.


Turner stuck to his promise to the Leftovers alliance when he put Ameerah and her partner, Terrance, up for eviction instead of Taylor and Nicole, as some people in the house had expected and hoped.


Everyone who is not part of the Leftovers alliance was shocked and confused by the blindside. Turner, Kyle, Joseph, Monte, Taylor, Brittany, and Michael are the ones who are left.

After the ceremony, Terrance, Jasmine, Alyssa, Nicole, Ameerah, Brittany, and Michael met in a bedroom to talk about how the game was going.


“I thought he would have talked to me about it, but he didn’t,” an angry Jasmine said about Turner’s choices.

“I’ve already talked to him. I am not campaigning against Ameerah. I just want Ameerah to stay over me. Don’t worry about that crap at all. You feel me?” Terrance said to Ameerah as she was crying.


Upstairs, Nicole and Daniel held a meeting to make a quick plan to work together. Daniel didn’t tell his “ride or die” in the game the whole truth.

Nicole yelled, “Holy s—t!” in the Have-Not room.


“I had zero clue,” said Daniel.

Nicole shook her head and said, “I know you didn’t know, but I had a feeling.” She had been sure that Alyssa and Indy would be on the list.

“I thought there was a chance I would go up. Daniel sighed, “I never thought it would be those two.”


While Daniel and Nicole were upstairs picking up the pieces of Turner’s HoH, Terrance told everyone to leave the bedroom so he could talk to Ameerah alone.

“Why did he make us stand up? Both of us? We weren’t even trying to get Turner.” said Ameerah.


“I don’t know how he came to that conclusion, but it was influenced,” Terrance said, implying that it was Indy who got to Turner. Terrance is sure that Indy wants him to leave.

“I have no problem going home. I didn’t get to know them well. This was a random choice. Just something funny to say… Okay, I’ll do it! This is what you love to do. He hugged her and told her, “This is your f—–g game.”


Before the meeting, Turner told Daniel what was going to happen in a private meeting in the Head of Household room.

“I’m telling you this because I care most about us being friends, but I don’t think I’ll put Taylor on the block. “I’ve been thinking about this for a few days,” Turner said. He didn’t want Daniel to be caught off guard.


“I wanted to warn you, so I made this decision this morning. “It stinks, and I hope you’re not upset about it,” he said.

Two members of the Leftovers alliance saw Daniel and Turner meeting outside the HoH room.


“They will keep an eye on him because they want him to think the way they want him to. Monte told Joseph, “They probably think something is up.”


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