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Lil' Kim

‘Can U detect it?!’ Lil’ Kim asked her ‘high as f—k’ buddy.

Even with an upside-down belt, Lil’ Kim is the Queen Bee.

The “Lady Marmalade” rapper shared a series of photos on Instagram on Monday, showing off a camouflage suit that stood out.

Camo leggings and a chain-strap purse ($2,195) were worn by Lil Kim (born Kimberly Denise Jones).

Adding to the drama, she wore a green fur stole that complemented her long hair.

“Magic Stick” collaborator has worn fur and notably fought animal rights campaigners.

But Kim didn’t design this unique look. In the captions, she tagged a friend and asked her admirers, “Can you see it?!”

Others praised Kim as a “trendsetter” and “the baddest.”

Lil’ Kim tagged costume designer Katerina Lankova, who has made her unique bodysuits and furs.

The photographs were taken by Supernatural Cosmetics owner Olivia Song. “Copycats are lurking as we speak,” said one.

Pasties and mesh were made popular by the 47-year-old rap sensation.

Could upside-down belts and full-body camo be spring trends?

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