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EntertainmentCharlbi Dean, the actor from ‘Triangle of Sadness,’ died at the age of 32.
Charlbi Dean

Charlbi Dean, the actor from ‘Triangle of Sadness,’ died at the age of 32.

A publicist confirms that an actor who co-starred in films shown at the Cannes and Jerusalem film festivals died of an unexpected illness, but no further details are provided.


NEW YORK (AP) — South African actress Charlbi Dean — who appeared in Palme d’Or winning film “Triangle of Sadness” — has died at the age of 32, her representative said Tuesday.


“It’s devastating,” the publicist said via email to AFP, confirming a TMZ report that Dean died on Monday from an unexpected illness.


Dean, a model, died in New York City, according to the celebrity website and Hollywood publication Deadline.


Neither the representative nor the reports provided any information about the illness that killed her.


Dean appeared in Swedish director Ruben Ostlund’s “Triangle of Sadness” alongside Woody Harrelson and Harris Dickinson.


The sharp satire about class conflict won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival in May this year. The film also kicked off this year’s Jerusalem Film Festival.


Dean told The Associated Press before the film won the award at the Cannes Film Festival, “For me, I’m like, I’ve already won.” I’ve already arrived in Cannes with the film. That is incredible. Anything is just icing on the cake at this point, you know? ”


Dean plays Yaya, a model who is invited to a cruise for the ultra-rich, only to have their status threatened by unexpected events.


Dean was born in Cape Town, South Africa on February 5, 1990.


She was best known for her role as Syonide in The CW’s DC Comics-based series “Black Lightning” prior to her role in “Triangle of Sadness.”


She has also appeared in the films “Spud” (2010), “Don’t Sleep” (2017), and “Blood in the Water” (2016).


Dean began modelling as a child and has since made numerous appearances on fashion runways and magazine covers.


According to the movie database site IMDb, she was hospitalised in October 2008 after surviving a car crash with fellow model Ashton Schnehage.



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