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Check out the Apple Watch Ultra with some of the hottest bands below. [Video]

Apple will begin selling the Apple Watch Ultra on Friday. Early reviews of this 49mm tough Apple Watch have emphasised its larger size, updated Digital Crown, orange Action Button, and more. It sports a natural titanium finish.


The Apple Watch Ultra can already accommodate various huge bands, but it remains to be seen how well the sizes and aesthetic details correspond. Check out the outcomes below after a YouTuber used various Apple Watch band models with the brand-new Ultra.


The new Apple Watch Ultra was tested with some of Apple’s most well-liked band designs in-depth by Swiss YouTuber Rafael Zeier. He tested a total of 14 different alternatives, including all the mainstays like Steel Link, Leather Loop, and even several Hermès versions. The outcomes are displayed in the video that is attached below.


The package for the Apple Watch Ultra and its accompanying bands is larger than usual, as we saw in a review from iJustine yesterday. When opening this product, users will first notice a booklet with images of Apple Watch Ultra-only bands, details on the new buttons’ functionality, images of the new design, and other information.


When you open the Apple Watch box, which has a mountain printed on it, you will find the Watch itself together with a braided MagSafe Apple Watch cable with a stainless steel finish. Although each Apple Watch band packaging is unique, they all come in a bigger package than previously.


Do you have any plans to purchase the Apple Watch Ultra? If so, the video below should be able to explain how some of the most well-known bands will appear on the new gadget.



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