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Check Out These Five Wallpaper Apps for iOS 16’s New Lock Screen Depth Effect

The iPhone Lock Screen has been totally overhauled as one of iOS 16’s main new features. To make your iPhone uniquely yours, you can completely customise the new Lock Screen by changing the colours and fonts, adding widgets and new backgrounds, and more.


Of course, you could choose a background for your Lock Screen long before iOS 16 was released. By adding a new visual effect, iOS 16 improves the Lock Screen wallpaper experience even further. Users of iOS 16 now have the option to select a new multilayered wallpaper effect that places the photo’s topic in front of the time, giving the image a depth effect.

How to Make a Photo Your Lock Screen Wallpaper on iOS 16
According to your own Photos collection, iOS 16 will automatically propose wallpaper images for you, however some users might want additional options. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of five apps you should check out that provide wallpapers compatible with iOS 16’s new Lock Screen depth effect.

Wallpapers for Lock Screens on Lockd
Wallpapers Now Plus Lock Screen Wallpapers
Unsplash Wallpapers & Widgets: MyScreen
All apps may be downloaded and used for free, however the majority also provide in-app purchases to remove advertisements and unlock premium wallpapers.


Users have the option to change the font and colour of the time and date on the Lock Screen in addition to the new depth effect wallpapers. Users may now also add widgets to their Lock Screen, which provides timely information without requiring them to open their phone. You can see some of the early additions in our guide. A growing number of third-party apps have added iOS 16 Lock Screen widget compatibility.

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