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Chris Brown Proves Nay-Sayers Wrong As UK “Under The Influence” Show Sells Out In Minutes

Chris Brown Proves Nay-Sayers Wrong As UK “Under The Influence” Show Sells Out In Minutes

Its been much a debate whether or not multifaceted artist, Chris Brown is cancelled. Last month, he was booed by the AMA’s crowd for winning best R&B artist. However, his UK tour sold out in minutes.


Chris Brown’s UK tour for his latest album, Under The Influence, seemingly sold out in minutes. Four of those dates are at the O2 arena in London, which holds up to 20,000 fans.

This Chris Brown demand is insane!! His entire European tour basically sold out in minutes. 4 dates at the o2?!

— ASHLEIGH LOUISE (@axhleighlouise) December 9, 2022

The UK Under The Influence tour kicks off in February with a total of 13 dates.

Many are stating that though Breezy has been facing backlash from the American public eye, that doesn’t stop the rest of the world from acknowledging the star that he is. Brown was recently removed from doing a Michael Jackson tribute with Ciara at the American Music Awards.

They think because they hate and cancel him in the US they still think the rest of the world hates him he’s the GOAT

— Tega💀 (@Tegadolce) December 9, 2022

Tomatoes Thrown But Still Receiving Flowers

The “Run It” artist was recently booed at the AMA’sleaving R&B icon, Kelly Rowland no choice but to defend him and give him his flowers. One fan even pointed out that it’s been ten years since Chris performed in the UK and that they’ve been waiting.

The Tappahannok, VA native received much success on his last album, even sparking a trend amongst many other artists to interact with their fans more during meet-and-greets. Chris Brown’s last US tour finished up recently and featured Atlanta rapper and community activist, Lil Baby and Comedian Druski.

Chris Brown’s AMA Tribute Was Set To Include Ciara. Entertainment Lawyer, John Branca Speaks His Piece

Written 11/22/2022 at 2 pm by Kendall Parks

The American Music Awards (AMAs) were held this past Sunday, and all-around entertainer Chris Brown was set to give a tribute to the late Michael Jackson to celebrate the 40th anniversary of MJ’s classic album, Thriller. The “No Guidance” artist has been compared to the pop icon many times in the past.

Shortly before the show, Chris Brown’s performance was canceled, sparking controversy. Sunday’s show also had the lowest ratings the production has ever seen. Breezy then took to his Instagram story to share his thoughts on the matter.

In a video shared on Twitter, entertainment lawyer John Branca said the tribute was supposed to include singer Ciara and shared his disappointment with ABCwho aired the AMAs. Branca asks, “What’s wrong with ABC? How do you pull a performance with Chris Brown and Ciara?”

In addition, Branca also mentioned that the tribute would’ve been “epic” and felt that ABC was trying to “cancel Black music.”

“They should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe Disney should stick to cartoons. Perhaps they don’t belong in the music business.”

Despite the cancellation, Ciara posted a video of her and Chris practicing for the performance with a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Kelly Rowland Checks Fans For Booing Chris Brown At AMAs + Lil Boosie Supports Breezy After Canceled Performance

Chris Brown was booed at the AMAs after winning “Best R&B Artist”. However, R&B singer Kelly Rowland, who presented the award, shut down the booing while also giving the “With You” artist his flowers for his impact on the R&B genre and his ability to rock the crowd on stage throughout his career.

Breezy’s canceled performance was set to pay tribute to Michael Jackson and the 40th anniversary of the iconic album, Thriller.

Other celebrities have defended Chris Brown on Twitter amid the cancellation.

Louisiana rapper To Boosie tells the Virginia native not to sweat the award show:


Entertainment blogger Jason Lee provided an exclusive insight confirming that Chris doesn’t let “cancel culture” kill his spirits. Jason also added that Chris seemed “mad happy and in great a space,” despite the unexpected cancellation.

We just shared the story about Chris Brown being canceled for “unknown reasons” by the AMA’s. Recently saw and spoke to Chris at Diddy’s birthday party. He seemed mad happy and in great space. He’s literally one of the most creative artists of this generation. This is unfair.

— Jason Lee (@theonlyjasonlee) November 19, 2022

Akon Gives Take On Chris Brown & Michael Jackson

RecentlyAkon gave an interesting take on Chris Brown being compared to the iconic Michael Jackson. Apparently, the multi-talented artist and late musical legend are more similar than most people may think.

Additional reporting by Chris Samuel.

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