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Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Defends Her Renovation of Century-Old Craftsman

A craftsman-style home built in 1908 was purchased by the actress two years ago with the intention of “bringing it back to life.”


An internet debate has erupted over Christina Hendricks’ most recent endeavour, the remodelling of a craftsman-style home built in 1908.


The Good Girls actress previously disclosed that she would be collaborating with designer Linda Koopersmith of Beverly Hills Organizer to repair a historic property that was otherwise about to be demolished and that she would be documenting the process for her 1.1 million Instagram followers.


The 47-year-old recently shared a walkthrough of a section of the just finished home repair project on Instagram.


In the picture published on September 10, a delighted Hendricks showcased the magnificent new bathroom, which featured a brand-new retro-style bathtub, elaborate tile flooring, and 20th-century-style furniture.


She was disappointed to see that some people went too far in their criticism, calling the actress “ruining a historic home.”


One made fun of the other, “That old laundry shoot.”


Another person asked, “So basically you’re going to wreck this lovely old house?”


After a few hours, Hendricks felt forced to respond to the insults that kept coming in.


Hendricks expressed surprise and displeasure at how some followers responded to her renovation update in a follow-up post that she also shared on Instagram.


I’m a true lover of ancient homes and their charms and have done everything in my power to maintain all the old historical touches, she stated in the caption. “I have so lovingly been bringing this home back to life after years of neglect and a makeover in the 1980s,” she continued.


The house was going to be sold to a developer to demolish and build multiple units, so Hendricks continued, “It breaks my heart to see comments that I’m ruining an old home. I found this stunning @americh.corp #bow bathtub that is beautifully retro and fit in the style of the house. And these stunning @franzviegener faucets and towel rods just sparkle! @beverlyhillsorganizer.”


Many admirers expressed their support for the actress and everything she has accomplished in the comments section.


One lovely admirer kindly reminded the two renovators, “Looks excellent!! You’re doing an amazing job, ignore the haters.


Another person praised the couple and said, “People are so strange. I think you’re putting such care into this house, you can see it’s a real passion project. Thanks for sharing all the work.”


“Honey, what you’re doing in your new house is WONDERFUL! Every detail is exquisite and shows your good taste. Don’t listen to remarks from individuals who are very bored and love creating damage. I’m looking forward to viewing the remainder of the house. I LOVE YOU!” said one supporter to Hendricks.


Hendricks acquired the residence two years ago, but he didn’t begin recording the remodelling until July of this year.


She earlier posted a video on her Instagram in which she acknowledged that the project has been “stressful” and made light of her desire to establish a “support group” for other home renovators given how “tough” the process can sometimes be.


We can’t wait to see the finishing touches, but even with all the unexpected turns of renovation, it seems to be coming together really nicely.

Himanshu Mahawar

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