CM Punk

CM Punk spoke with Tony Khan before AEW Dynamite, according to backstage information, and Punk’s attitude beforehand

Wade Keller verified the rumours about the tension between CM Punk and Hangman Adam Page at a VIP audio broadcast.


Keller asserted that Punk starting his own firm was accurate, although other AEW employees think that this scenario might eventually become the subject of a tale.

Keller remarked, “Someone I spoke with today claimed that wrestlers in general felt Tony Khan and others could pull off another worked-shoot-style event. And he simply stated that he didn’t believe that was the situation at hand.” Keller went on to say “However, he advised to always bear in mind that even if there is a beef, they might decide to accentuate it. Let’s create something out of this. He then said, “Let’s see how things turn out after we realise why the Punk-Moxley bout was scheduled early, and all that.” We’ll have to wait and see how this turns out because it might be that there was something there, but it was prolonged and exaggerated past the point of resolution because the creators felt it would be plausible and generate interest.”


Keller also discussed Punk’s behaviour at Dynamite backstage. According to Fightful, there was discussion over Punk’s potential absence from the programme. Advertising for Punk’s Dynamite didn’t start until well after 7 o’clock eastern time.


Keller remarked, “I can confirm that on Wednesday afternoon, Tony Khan walked into Punk’s locker room and spent some time talking to him privately. Additionally, I can say that Punk did not exhibit any signs of agitation, distraction, or deviation from character just before Dynamite began. It didn’t seem like he was thinking about anything, that the day was stressful, or anything of the sort. He was acting exactly as one would expect. There are only a few contextual issues, then.”


Colt Cabana being taken from Dark Order and nearly being fired by the promotion before being sent to ROH, according to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is the cause of the backstage strife among some of the top guys. Read more here: The removal of Colt Cabana from AEW TV is a significant factor in the friction between CM Punk and Hangman Page.


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