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Company posts images of the iPhone 14 from the Apple Store as the first consumers arrive.

As shoppers waited in line to pick up the newest phone or Apple Watch, the earlier Apple Store iPhone 14 lineups brought back memories of the days before the pandemic. Apple has recently released some official images of consumers using the newest gadgets.


The company has thus far displayed images of Apple Locations in Singapore and China, and it usually uploads images as soon as new stores in other time zones open.


Optimistically, Apple claims that customers can purchase the newest gadgets at their neighbourhood Apple Store.


On Friday, September 16, Apple stores throughout the world will begin to sell the new Apple Watch SE as well as the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Apple team welcomes the arrival of the most cutting-edge items, and they stand ready to provide clients with great service and individualised shopping guidance. […]


Customers can browse and purchase all of the gadgets in their nearby Apple Stores, on apple.com, through the Apple Store app, and from any retailer that has been approved by Apple. Customers may choose the goods that best suit their needs, trade in outdated technology, get a fantastic carrier offer, and set up new technology with the assistance of Apple Specialists both in-person and online.


The reality seems to be somewhat different, however, as a sample of stores from several nations shows that none of the iPhone 14 Pro configurations I tried are available for in-store pickup. A portion of the stock will be set aside for walk-ins, but while I’ll be taking a chance on this, I don’t have high hopes.


The entry-level iPhone 14 is available, although reviews generally advise against purchasing one.

The business gave a brief rundown of the latest products that are now available (for loose definitions of the term).



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