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EntertainmentConstruction Project Execution Software: 4 Key Reasons to Invest
Construction Project Execution Software: 4 Key Reasons to Invest

Construction Project Execution Software: 4 Key Reasons to Invest

Procore partnered with Sapio Research to survey 400 construction professionals in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Participants at companies of all sizes were asked about their challenges and victories when it comes to project execution.

According to the Sapio Research results, owners, general contractors and specialty contractors have similar beliefs regarding construction project execution goals, difficulties and successes. In fact, respondents believe client satisfaction is more important than profitability, two times more important than construction volume and three times more important than repeat business. This shines a bright light on why investing in construction project execution softwarea solution that helps customers achieve client satisfaction goals, can be so helpful.

Below are four key findings from the project execution study:

1. Teams need the ability to reduce manual data entry

An astounding 87% of respondents said they often or sometimes manually enter data from one system to another. Procore can be relied on to streamline these activities. In fact, Procore’s recently announced, Project Execution solution serves as a centralized hub, allowing teams to connect on multiple devices to communicate, review models and construction documents, manage project budget, analyze data, track daily project activities and implement quality and safety standards.

2. There is a consistent desire to connect the entire project team while working from a centralized platform

When asked which feature within construction software was most important, almost half of construction professionals said connecting the entire project team from site to office and across companies, or, accessing and sharing accurate data from a single source of truth.

Here are a few ways Procore is connecting and centralizing teams and workflows:

  • Project Management allows teams to oversee project activities in one digital, centralized location to make cost-conscious and efficient decisions.
  • BIM and Design Coordination connects field teams to the design by providing access to BIM models and drawings out on site to identify design coordination issues early on.
  • Procore Conversations* centralizes project communication across email, text and messaging solutions to track, standardize, and reference project communication housed alongside key project items.

*This feature is currently in open beta for all customers.

3. Quality and safety are top of mind for measuring successful project delivery

Almost half of the respondents said quality standards, procedures and record keeping are the most important components when considering how to successfully deliver a project — with safety procedures also coming in as a top priority.

Procore is helping teams with successful project delivery through Quality & Safety tools. The following are just a few examples of how teams can lean on construction software to help hit their project goals.

Procure Action Plans was created specifically to support quality and safety standards, procedures and record keeping. Through this tool, teams can take action on all construction processes from one centralized location with access to necessary documentation, reference materials and records needed to achieve optimal outcomes.

In fact, teams like Rogers-O’Brienare using Action Plans for monthly safety activities and three-phase quality processes on their job sites, and seeing great results.

“Procore’s Action Plans allows us to quantify our QA/QC process, which enables us to attribute the profitability of projects to the quality control efforts that are taking place on job sites,” said Ash Gilliam, Director of Quality, Rogers-O’Brien.

In addition, the Observations tool allows teams to create observations as they come across them in the field, or, they can be created from a pre-planned inspection. Quick Capture is now available on Observations and Punch tools, helping teams log field information quickly by reducing manual entry time. This feature supports teams in enhancing their quality and safety standards, procedures and record keeping processes.

Teams can also manage and review inspections on the go. Several enhancements have been released for this tool that are helping to reduce administrative burden such as Inspections Scheduler, a feature that allows teams to configure recurring inspections. Recent updates made within this tool are supporting customers in their hopes of successfully delivering projects through simplification of processes.

Procore customers are experiencing direct benefits when implementing Quality and Safety tools. In fact, the 2022 Procore ROI report revealed 83%of customers agree that Procore has helped their company improve its overall quality control and 79% of customers that use Procore’s Quality & Safety products agree that Procore has improved their company’s safety program.

4. Major challenges for construction professionals: Implementation, schedule and budget

Sixty percent of respondents selected either successfully implementing software across an organization or meeting deadlines and budget agreements as two challenges that are high on their radar.

Procore is focused on not just arming customers with the right tools to be successful but setting teams up for success early on. We understand how busy construction professionals are which is why customers can rely on 24/7 customer support via email, chat or phone and get answers in less than a minute.

For teams needing extra support, Procore offers professional services. It includes comprehensive training to drive adoption, maximize ROI and expedite the overall implementation and rollout process to start seeing results faster.

Procore also offers 400+ integrations in the Procore App Marketplacea true community of peers and even on-demand training.

Once the software is officially implemented, how can teams manage scheduling and budgeting activities better?

Through Procore’s Project Management tools, teams can quickly identify potential issues and their impact on schedule and budget, avoiding unwanted surprises. The robust tool gives a complete picture of a project’s health and helps teams to deliver on time and on budget. Based on the 2022 survey of Procore customers, general contractors say they saved an average of 15 days by using Procore on their projects.

In conclusion, construction professionals – near and far – are generally looking for construction software that will connect teams on multiple devices through a centralized hub in order to increase client satisfaction while minimizing risk and maximizing profit on every job. Are you leveraging the right tools to achieve your goals?

For more information about Procore Project Execution, please visit procore.com/project-execution.

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