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Critics are reminded by the British Royal Family’s most recent official post about Camilla, Queen Consort, of what Queen Elizabeth II wanted for her.

Since Camilla received the title of Queen Consort around a month ago, there have been those who have criticised the decision, as with most significant changes in the British Royal Family. However, as the family has emphasised, they won’t be changing their stance on the title revisions; in fact, their most recent Instagram story demonstrates this.


Therefore, if you visit their official Instagram account, @theroyalfamily, you’ll notice that they’ve uploaded a new slideshow from a recent Instagram story called “The Queen Consort” that is now permanently available. The fundamentals of Camilla, including her functions as Queen Consort, birth, and her marriage to King Charles III, are covered in this slideshow. It also covers in detail how she came to be the patron or president of over 100 charities, including those that support the welfare of animals, fight against domestic violence, and encourage literacy. The article then goes into great detail about her incredibly significant and amazing charitable activities over the years, as well as her military postings.


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The penultimate slide, though, with a picture of her and the late Queen Elizabeth II grinning and holding flowers, attracted our attention. Elizabeth is quoted as saying, “It is my honest intention that, when the time comes, Camilla would be known as Queen Consort as she continues her devoted devotion,” just before she passed away.


Many people think that this served as a subliminal rebuttal to her detractors, demonstrating that the late Queen wanted her to remain where she is and that she won’t change.

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The complete slideshow may be viewed HERE.

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