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DDG Says YouTubers And Streamers Earn More Than Rappers: ‘It’s Not Even Close’

DDG Says YouTubers And Streamers Earn More Than Rappers: ‘It’s Not Even Close’

While many have dreams of attaining stardom through a music career, DDG dished on a potentially more lucrative avenue to success: streaming and video creation!

The rapper, who got his start as a YouTube content creator and continues to upload on the platform, spoke on the subject through Twitter on Tuesday.

Seemingly without provocation, DDG dove into a comparison between what he earns as a rapper and what he makes through YouTube. Specifically, he shared that YouTubers and streamers “make more money than rappers,” and he went as far as to add that “it’s not even close.”

ngl.. youtubers/streamers make more money than rappers & it’s not even close

— DDG (@PontiacMadeDDG) December 6, 2022

Twitter Discusses DDG’s Proclamation

As is the case for situations like this, people swiftly began to chime in online. However, rather than tearing into DDG, many agreed with his statement.

No lies told..humbly tho https://t.co/GIJOnxPXhW

— HIM (@ArmoneyWarren) December 7, 2022

I’ve been saying this. When my friends in the industry started breaking shit down to me I questioned why anyone would even wanna be a rapper. Some people would have been better off just going to college and becoming a dentist or something. https://t.co/zdkGfEro2Y

— 🛸 (@brokeandcheap) December 7, 2022

Largely, the rationale was behind the fact that musicians are often indebted to their labels.

Duhh they don’t owe a label everything https://t.co/JIXMZZtrKM

— Ms.Clever_Tactics (@CleverTactixs) December 7, 2022

i believe it.. they don’t owe nobody, everybody owe them fr 😭😭 https://t.co/alxpN2oUyp

— Mo Sleaze 🖤 (@Bigmo72_) December 7, 2022

this is true cause most rappers don’t see all their own money most of it goes back into their music on top of them blowing it all to keep up appearances.

— skateboard 🍀 (@1cashkay) December 7, 2022

Fellow musician Cochise also agreed with DDG’s statement. In fact, the “Hatchback” artist even revealed that he’s been expressing similar sentiments “for years.”


— MR. PROFESSOR (@cochise) December 7, 2022

Various YouTubers and Twitch streamers jumped into the conversation as well, including Mr. Beast, KSI, and Stable Ronaldo.


— MrBeast (@MrBeast) December 7, 2022

YouTube/Streaming=most money
Music=most respect mainstream wise
Boxing=most respect online wise

— ksi (@KSI) December 7, 2022

youtubers/streamers connect way better with their audience imo then artists in terms of working with them and i think that leads to more $ / keeping up with daily trends/ideas

— FaZe Ronaldo (@StableRonaldo) December 6, 2022

In spite of the widespread agreement, it was also stated that the comparison is dependent on how poppin’ the rapper is.

Eh,I would say the top top tier rappers making more, but more than your average rapper, yeah

— 🥷🏻 (@Sorry4TheDs) December 6, 2022

I feel like bro wouldn’t be saying this if he saw success as a rapper. 🤷🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/mhShs9AKoi

— BIG DASHER 🦌🎄 (@waco_warren) December 7, 2022

Idk not more than @lilbaby4PF & @lildurk https://t.co/YCgiiu4byH

— CBFW 🖕🏽❤️‍🔥 (@kisses4jha) December 7, 2022

I disagree, An established industry rapper makes more money then an established YouTuber

— Domo (@RIPMAMBA15OO) December 7, 2022

Others questioned why, if what he says is true, DDG would continue to pursue music when he could fully commit to YouTube instead. However, the answer was simple: “passion for it and another income.”

Passion for it and another income lol?

— Brandon Samuels (@BSHD_Unity) December 6, 2022

Not everything is thrived by money lol. He prolly just got a passion for it

— DIO (@aye_dio) December 7, 2022

He Said What He Said!

Despite what people may have to say, DDG doubled down on his comment with a follow-up tweet.

“I ain’t arguing wit no n***a I’m richer than.. lol you got it lol bro.”

i ain’t arguing wit no nigga i’m richer than.. lol you got it lil bro 😂

— DDG (@PontiacMadeDDG) December 7, 2022

Humorously, DDG also called on Mr. Beast to back him up and “drop a screenshot of [his] analytics page.”

Gon head back me up twin.. drop a screenshot of yo analytics page real quick 😂 https://t.co/PoJ8NQr8YC

— DDG (@PontiacMadeDDG) December 7, 2022

DDG Stays Stirring Up Conversation On Social Media

This situation comes on the heels of DDG becoming the talk of the Twitter timeline for sharing his “real voice”

As The Shade Room previously reported, the humorous moment went down during an appearance on theDope As Usualpodcast, and he left both hosts and Twitter users in awe!

DDG reveals his “REAL voice”… there ain’t no way 😭 pic.twitter.com/UaWDHqISaZ

— Rap Marathon (@RapMarathon_) November 24, 2022

What do you think about DDG’s statement about YouTubers and streamers bringing in more dough than rappers?


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