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Deuces! Deion Sanders Accepts Head Coaching Job At University Of Colorado

Deuces! Deion Sanders Accepts Head Coaching Job At University Of Colorado

Deion Sandersaka Coach Prime, is officially embarking on a new journey that’ll take him from Mississippi up to Colorado.

The former NFL star’s specifically leaving his head coaching job at Jackson State University (JSU) for another opportunity at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder).

The End Of An Era At Jackson State University

Coach Prime began serving as JSU’s head football coach back in 2020, and he became quite an influential force on the campus.

From securing back-to-back Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) titles to consistently highlighting the team on social mediaDeion pulled through and really helped JSU shine.

Additionally, Deion was a major voice during the Jackson water crisis, as The Shade Room previously reported. His efforts even went as far as donating half of his salary to help complete a new football facility.

Deion Sanders Made Strides As An Advocate For HBCU Athletes

On top of his work with the JSU football team, Deion has also proven himself to be an advocate for athletes at HBCUs all across the country.

Back in 2021, he blasted the NFL for not selecting any HBCU athletes during the draft, and he recently spoke about about how HBCU sports should be be open to everyone while speaking with FanNation.

“We should open our minds and hearts to everyone and show them love and respect and appreciation. I feel like that’s what we should do with HBCUs. We’ve got to open our hearts and minds to changes—to different ideologies and just different thoughts and proceed with those thoughts and make them manifest.”

Twitter Has Mixed Feelings About The News

With Deion Sanders doing so much for JSU and the larger HBCU community, him heading to CU Boulder was definitely big news, and it triggered a series of online responses.

Admittedly, there were some people who felt as though Deion should have stayed at the Mississippi HBCU rather than embarking for a Colorado PWI.

Deion Sanders leaving Jackson St before one of his recruiting classes graduates would be top 3 hoe move of all time

— ⚜️The B-U-N™⚜️ (@BayouBun) November 30, 2022

Normally I be happy about this, but the black community has such a terrible brain drain issue it’s ridiculous. Our best and brightest never do it for and to the benefit of us- we are always looking to allow our talents to be exploited by the next group in exchange for a bag https://t.co/75YNk8bbzt

— grandpa rick (@nanathe12) December 4, 2022

Deion Sanders leaving has me reflecting on Du Bois’s blue print for developing our communities through cooperatives & collectivist values, not individual gain. We need folks focused on using their gifts for the LONG-TERM development of self-determined communities & institutions.

— Eric Morrison-Smith (@EricAngelo_MS) December 3, 2022

idk how to feel about Deion sanders leaving Jackson state for Colorado but something doesn’t sit right wit me.

— Chanciano (@chanciano) December 5, 2022

deion might be sellout of the year idk.

— Lue Laflare. (@lue_tho) December 4, 2022

However, this sentiment was largely drowned out by those who understood Coach Prime’s career move, especially considering reports surrounding the pay difference.

Wait, so Deion Sanders salary was $1.2 Million oveeeer 4 years which is $300K a year and he gave half away to improve the facilities… And people are mad he’s taking $5 Million a year over $300K. Bye. pic.twitter.com/ixmjJH9TSR

— Vada_Fly (@Vada_Fly) December 4, 2022

The same folks mad at Deion would leave they jobs for a extra $6 dollars in pay.. can’t take folks seriously https://t.co/fhNHdQbTpl

— Listen to my Lisp and Laugh at my Tweets.. (@LotsofDinero) December 5, 2022

It was also pointed out that Deion has already done plenty for Jackson State, and he can’t be expected to stay there forever.

Everybody mad at Deion Sanders. He’s helped JSU, set attendance records, new practice fields, new locker rooms, Under Armor endorsements deal. Countless other things. You leave places better than you found it. He did that. He’s done a lot for HBCU Football in 3 years.

— Coach J. Foster (@CoachFrost12) December 4, 2022

Honestly the pressure should not be on @DeionSanders to stay at Jackson State.

It should be on another high profile Black former NFL / College player to succeed him.

Carry the torch. 🔥

Deion stepped up and coached for 3 years. He started the trend.

Who’s Next?

— Isaac Hayes III (@IsaacHayes3) December 4, 2022

People also shared that they had “mixed feelings” about Coach Prime leaving, as—while they’re happy for him—they’re upset to see him part ways with JSU.

It’s okay to have mixed feelings about Deion. We can be upset to see him leave JSU bc it felt so special what he was doing at an HBCU. We can also be happy to see him get a big opportunity that black coaches don’t often get. Don’t have to pick a side…both can be true

— Kill MacNeil (@dlastintrovert) December 5, 2022

Mixed feelings about Deion going to Colorado.

People in our community need to LEARN the importance of UNITY and SUPPORT (💰📈). COMPENSATE the COMPETANT people in our community. Nobody wants to give value where they don’t get it back in return, let’s be real!

Congrats Deion🤝🏾

— Kwabena Marfo (@RealdealKob) – The Best of Kobe Marfo December 4, 2022

Seeing a lot mixed feelings about Deion but guess what, out of y’all control 😂

— #MyNameIsEarl (@dontae_2times) December 4, 2022

All in all, though, most Twitter users appeared to be on Deion’s side.

niggas slandering Deion Sanders like he stole millions from people on welfare https://t.co/rxVJp2Kvg5

— chavíto 🕊 (@1DOPEKEV) December 4, 2022

To those saying Deion Sanders is a sellout, consider this… pic.twitter.com/UqUZRjOwF7

— Emmanuel Acho (@EmmanuelAcho) December 4, 2022

I’m not talking to nobody who didn’t graduate from a Black college about Deion Sanders leaving Jackson State for Colorado because, when it comes to HBCUs, you don’t have an opinion I care to hear and I’m absolutely okay with saying that. LOLOL

— Candice Marie Benbow (@CandiceBenbow) December 5, 2022

Shoutout to Coach Prime for all that he’s done, and we wish him the best of luck at CU Boulder.


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