Did you see Ben Affleck in Jennifer Lopez's new music video for the remix of Marry Me?

Did you see Ben Affleck in Jennifer Lopez’s new music video for the remix of Marry Me?

Jennifer Lopez has released a new music video for her single Marry Me, as well as a remix version of the song. While the song showcases JLo in some gorgeous visuals, one scene in particular from the video is going viral, and it involves an appearance from Ben Affleck. If you’ve already seen the video and are wondering how you missed it, here’s why.

While Affleck’s face isn’t seen in the music video, he may be seen at the end in a scene where JLo engages in some PDA-filled cuddling. While we don’t get to see Ben’s face at one point, the actor can be seen reaching out his hand to JLo, who clutches it warmly.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Affleck has participated in a Lopez music video. Ben was previously seen in the Jenny From the Block music video when he was famously shown giving her butt an enthusiastic smack during their 2000s affair. After parting ways in 2004, the pair met last year and renewed their romance after a decade apart.

Here’s the link to the music video:

The duo hasn’t been hesitant about expressing their love since reuniting, and they’ve been sighted on various occasions together. Ben had also joined Jennifer to the premiere of her film, Marry Me, where the couple posed on the red carpet in a romantic fashion.

Lopez also stated in a February interview with People that she felt “fortunate” to be reunited with Affleck and gushed about the couple getting a second chance.