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EntertainmentDo you remember when Kate Upton and SI Swimsuit went into zero gravity?
Kate Upton

Do you remember when Kate Upton and SI Swimsuit went into zero gravity?

A historical photo session took place there.


Name a better pairing than Kate Upton and zero gravity. Not at all!


SI Swimsuit was already breaking barriers in 2014. There are still few things more astounding than watching Kate Upton stand, almost effortlessly, in complete weightlessness, which is why we are reviving this famous image from one of America’s favourite photo shootings eight years later.


Chief editor MJ Day came up with the idea. A crew of about 10 people can be seen waiting for the crucial moment on the plane’s floor in a behind-the-scenes film that documents the photo session. After it struck, the entire team started to float, and the real job started.


While the rest of the team worked to hold each other in place and avoid colliding, Upton twisted in the air, trying to get her face in front of the camera.


They were under a little bit of pressure to acquire the right image because, in Zero G flights, the weightlessness phenomena is normally experienced in intervals of 30 seconds.


James Macari, the photographer for SI Swimsuit, is heard remarking, “I’m not doing real great but I believe Kate is doing amazing!” at one point. The amount of talent that went into this on everyone’s part is beyond our comprehension; the team who followed her really thought of everything. To make floating droplets, was water ejected from syringes? Genius!


At the end of the photo shoot, Day joked, “One small step for Swimsuit, one giant leap for mankind.” Later, Upton honoured the illustrious photo shoot with her first-ever Instagram post.

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