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Fashion‘Dressing like a lesbian’ is the sultry and ‘strong’ new fashion trend.
'Dressing like a lesbian' is the sultry and 'strong' new fashion trend.

‘Dressing like a lesbian’ is the sultry and ‘strong’ new fashion trend.

Lesbian, gay, and transgender fashion is completely in!

And straight-identifying women are ditching their 6-inch heels and rib-crushing corsets in favour of Dr Marten’s boots and knitted sweater vests, from the ritzy red carpet to the streets of New York.

However, why is women’s clothing becoming evocative of the stereotyped lesbian look? Because celebrities like Kristen Stewart, 31, Bella Hadid, 25, Zendaya, 25, and Dakota Johnson, 32, have elevated the anti-glam look to “mainstream cool,” according to author Jill Gutowitz.

“Outfits that were previously reserved for gay women have gained popularity on red carpets and in street fashion,” Gutowitz, 30, wrote in a recently trending Harper’s Bazaar story. “Seeing lesbian fashion become popular validates us as if we’ve been correct the whole time,” she concluded.

The author of the new book “Girls Can Kiss Now” — who pledged in her piece to overhaul her clothing with more suits and loose jeans in order to become “the most lesbian who has ever lesbian” — went on to praise Stewart for “raising” queer visibility via her casual style.

“Kristen Stewart’s Spencer press tour, which included tweed jackets, wide-leg slacks, and two-piece skirt suits, was essentially a coordinated homosexual recruiting drive,” Gutowitz said. She also praised Johnson for wearing huge suede coats bravely last autumn, as well as actresses Zendaya and Cate Blanchet, 52, for murdering in beautiful outfits.

Their other “It” females, like Hadid and 26-year-old Kendall Jenner, have also dazzled in sapphic swagger. Hadid wore black culottes with a matching jacket, a red tie, and sunglasses earlier this year when rendezvousing in Paris. And Jenner recently strutted into New York City with a striped sleeveless sweater, loose pants, and mahogany loafers.

Additionally, the “dressed like a lesbian” craze has spread to heterosexual women on TikTok. However, among non-celebrity ladies, hoodies and loose-fitting sweatshirts seem to be the preferred attire, rather than high-end suits and boots.

“Why do I always dress like a male and look like this?” TikToker @Bodmonzaid responded to an off-colour remark that read: “Why do you dress like a lesbian?”

While dressed in a baggy sweatsuit, the social media celebrity proceeded to respond to her clothes critic, cheekily stating, “If I turn you on, just say that.” It is OK to admire females. Additionally, if I were wearing form-fitting clothing, I’m sure you’d have something to say about it.”

@Emma Thornblad, a TikTok user, also published a video clip highlighting her favoured dressed-down ensemble.

“Thinking about how I met my [partner] during my ‘looking like a [masculine] lesbian and being hit on by every woman’ phase,” she wrote in the clip’s closed subtitles, which depicted her wearing grey sweatpants and a plaid blouse.

While the lesbian chic fad has garnered widespread acclaim, Gutowitz says that she is “resentful” of the adoration heterosexual people get for embracing the style traditionally exclusive for gay women.

“While I am overjoyed that lesbian fashion has become so popular in recent years, a part of me is also bitter,” she wrote in Harpers. “The androgynous appearances that lesbians were formerly chastised for and that served as visual markers within our group are now Urban Outfitters standards.”

Despite her resentment, Gutowitz declares, “it fills me with excitement to see women everywhere choose comfort and efficiency over authoritarian, gendered sartorial customs.”

She forecasts that this summer’s biggest fashion must-haves will feature a roomy black T-shirt for poolside use and Croakies – neck-chained spectacles. And, according to Gutowitz, the renowned item will debut this autumn as “a very compact pocket wallet on a chain with just three slots for your license, credit card, and insurance card.”

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