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Cheryl Burke

Due to her divorce, Cheryl Burke is “choosing not to date.” You may do more than just swipe left to see who looks good,

Unapologetically is a Yahoo Life series that gives people the ability to describe how they live their best lives – in colour, out loud, without fear, and with eager hope for the future.


Cheryl Burke is entering a new stage in her life. The 38-year-old pro from Dancing With the Stars and her spouse Matthew Lawrence recently divorced. Now that she has “grieved” the dissolution of her marriage, she is learning how to be at ease in her solitary company. She states that she is “choosing not to date” at this time.


She tells Yahoo Life, “It’s just me and my Frenchie.” Since I’ve been clean for four years, self-reflection has been a natural byproduct. I’m like a sponge, just learning to accept who I am and how to be alone without feeling lonely. In order for me to stop following the same pattern of guys and relationships, I believe it is crucial that I develop that relationship with myself.


When it comes time for the Dance Moms alum to date, she claims she will forgo dating apps in favour of a more conventional method of meeting potential partners.


She declares, “I’m all about matchmakers.” “I am aware that the prevalence rate is significant. It goes deeper than merely swiping left to check who looks beautiful and what they do for a living.


However, she is currently mainly concerned with her relationship with herself. Burke, who has previously spoken up about her history of sexual abuse, practises self-care through yoga and counselling. She gained valuable insight into the notion that “we are not our ideas,” but rather “observers” of our thoughts, from both of these practises.


She explains, “It’s trying not to define oneself by outside sources.” So even if you lose your job, friends, family, or name, you can still recognise your worth by building a solid foundation within yourself.


She must stop relying on her historical people-pleasing habits.


She continues, “I used to put everyone else ahead of me and my wants, and I understand that I’m doing myself a disservice.” “This is not easy, so I think it’s really essential to just take a breath and be kind to yourself,”


Burke acknowledges that what she sees in the mirror “isn’t always what everybody else sees,” despite her difficulties with body dysmorphia. She is attempting to alter the “vocabulary” surrounding her self-criticism, yet she frequently considers her physique.


She reflects, “I think it’s incredibly difficult for women to embrace who they are today. Comparison is the devil, especially if you work in the entertainment sector like I do.


She continues, “I hope my body dysmorphia goes gone one day. But I also have to… extend grace, and age is no different. You just have to accept it for what it is and remember that you’re trying to improve. And I believe that the more you internalise it, the more you’ll notice it externally.


Burke claims that “what makes me feel beautiful every day is loving myself, is genuinely giving back to me, and putting me first” when it comes to feeling seductive.


She has also lately come forward to reveal that she has never experienced an orgasm during sexual activity. She claims that her statement has been somewhat “misinterpreted” by the media.


She explained, “I’ve experienced an orgasm through sexual acts previously. But since it triggers issues with my mental health, there are some sexual acts that I don’t necessarily want to be performed on me because I was assaulted as a young girl. There’s nothing profound behind sex, and the few ladies I know who have experienced anything similar also feel the same, or you simply completely disengage from it.


Even if some people claim she is “oversharing,” Burke says she is “most shameless” about sharing her “life story” at this point.


She claims that the “amount of feedback, emails, and comments I get from people thanking me” is the cause. I understand I’m not alone.


“That means the world to me,” she says. Even speaking it removes any guilt because, ideally, I’m setting an example.

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