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Blue Bridge

Due to safety concerns, Blue Bridge will be closed nightly during ArtPrize.

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – Due to safety concerns, the Blue Bridge in downtown Grand Rapids will be shut down at night for the duration of ArtPrize.


The bridge, which saw a gunshot at 3:15 a.m. on September 11, has recently developed into a place where people congregate late at night.


The bridge will now be closed from midnight till six in the morning.


Four people were shot on September 11 and suffered injuries. According to police, two people were shot on the bridge and another two were shot immediately to its east. Everyone was anticipated to survive.


According to earlier statements made by Grand Rapids police chief Eric Winstrom, the shooting was preceded by a sizable gathering with alcohol and a live DJ on the bridge. According to the police, there were 100 persons.


Starting on September 15 and lasting through October 2, ArtPrize is a popular attraction in Grand Rapids’ downtown.


In a brief news statement, Grand Rapids police added that the closure was also implemented to guard against damage to the bridge’s ArtPrize installations.


In order to prevent automobiles from crossing the pedestrian bridge, police said they are collaborating with Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. on long-term safety options such as enhanced patrols, more surveillance, and structural adjustments.

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