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HomeTechEarly 2023 will see the opening of a new Apple campus in London’s Battersea Power Station.

Early 2023 will see the opening of a new Apple campus in London’s Battersea Power Station.

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed today during a tour to the brand-new campus that Apple will launch its London office space in Battersea Power Station early next year.


In 2016, Apple first revealed its plans for the new campus. 1,400 Apple employees, according to the report, will relocate from eight locations in and around London to work at the new UK offices. Cook visited Apple’s new store in Battersea as well as Apple Brompton Road and Apple Regent Street today after seeing retail locations in London over the weekend.




Due to its Art Deco fixtures and reputation as one of the largest brick buildings in the world, South West London’s disused Battersea Power Station is considered as an iconic monument. One of Apple’s largest headquarters outside of the United States, Apple leased 500,000 square feet at the site in 2016. To the London Evening Standard, Cook stated:


For more than 40 years, Apple has been a part of the London community, and we are excited to shortly house some of our staff at the iconic Battersea Power Station.


The building’s makeover commemorates London’s past and welcomes its future. It was formerly a major source of energy for the city. We’re ecstatic to be involved.


In recent years, Battersea Power Station and the neighbourhood have undergone a “painstaking” repair procedure. With space for about 3,000 people, Apple is anticipated to occupy about 40% of the power plant, including the top six levels within the former boiler room and a central atrium. Additionally, there will be a 24,000 square foot food hall, 253 apartments arranged around a “garden square in the sky,” a 2,000 seat theatre, a movie theatre, and three floors of stores, bars, and restaurants.

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