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Elon Musk outlines Day 2 goals for Tesla AI

Tesla AI Day 2 is expected to contain “plenty of technical detail and cool hardware demos,” according to Elon Musk, who has set certain expectations for it.


Tesla hasn’t held a formal product launch event in a very long time, but the firm has started to have somewhat routine annual events with particular topics at the forefront of the presentation, much like Apple with its yearly “Apple Worldwide Developers Conference” and frequent fall event.


In 2020, on “Tesla Battery Day,” the company introduced its new 4680 battery cell and announced plans to begin mass producing its battery cells.


The firm staged “Tesla AI Day” the previous year, with an emphasis on its self-driving initiative. At the occasion, the car manufacturer also debuted its Dojo supercomputer and “Tesla Bot” humanoid robot concept, which is now known as Tesla Optimus.


Earlier this year, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, said that the company would host a new AI Day in August. However, he soon changed the date to September 30 to give himself more time to reveal a functioning prototype of the Tesla Optimus at the event.


We now know that Tesla expects to hold the event starting at 5 p.m. PT (8 p.m. ET) and running until 11 p.m. PT (1 a.m. ET), but only the first part is scheduled to be live streamed. Tesla began mailing out invitations for the event.


The remainder is anticipated to be a hiring event with some live demonstrations.


Elon Musk is now raising the stakes by claiming that one Twitter user “very much” got it right:




The event would be “very technical,” the CEO added, and will serve primarily as a recruiting tool.


The purpose of this event is to recruit engineers in robotics and artificial intelligence, thus it will be very technical.


The second day of the Tesla AI Summit will feature “plenty of technical information and interesting hardware demos,” according to Musk.


These demonstrations are anticipated to include Tesla’s first functioning humanoid robot prototype.


At the occasion, certain technical updates on Tesla’s AI initiatives, including FSD Beta and the Dojo supercomputer, are anticipated.


Electrek’s Opinion
Although the comment was meant as a jest, I believe that each response included some truth. Since those events are frequently a letdown, the media’s and analysts’ assessment that it was “disappointing and/or a diversion” is too far from the reality, but for the time being, we must provide them the benefit of the doubt.


When you consider that Tesla’s AI team hasn’t yet delivered on its self-driving claims, a distraction is a very serious concern.


Hopefully, the remark concerning the general public’s reaction is completely a jest.


Regarding TSLAQ, the folks who call Tesla a “fake” won’t ever cease, and Tesla revealing a humanoid robot won’t help much either, especially if it can’t perform many tasks that the person in a suit who appeared on AI Day 1 could.


The response of experts in AI and robotics will be the most fascinating one since it will give us an indication of how advanced Tesla’s AI and robotic technology are in comparison to what is now available.


Investors in Tesla will undoubtedly react positively because they have been sipping Musk’s Kool-Aid for a long time.

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