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Hasan Minhaj-Nathan Fielder

Even Nathan Fielder would not commit to the idea that Hasan Minhaj discovered.

Hasan Minhaj attempted to recruit Nathan Fielder for a potentially hazardous Saudi Arabia sketch while filming Patriot Act.


Even though Nathan Fielder is the current king of morally problematic humour, Hasan Minhaj has evidently found a line that even he won’t cross. The King’s Jester, Minhaj’s latest Netflix special, tackles some of his regrets for going a little too far, including specific actions related to the contentious Saudi Arabia episode of Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj. The comic acknowledges in a recent interview with The Daily Beast that he attempted to enlist Fielder for a possibly harmful prank.


“Even after it occurred, the episode was removed, and my application for a Hajj visa was rejected, I had the notion that in Islam, if you are unable to make the journey, another person may do it on your behalf. Therefore, God made this tiny gap. I then asked, “How can we create a sketch from this?” He says, “I feel like this would be the ultimate lengthy con. I thus contacted Nathan Fielder and asked him, “Nate, have you ever thought about Islam? I am aware that you enjoy writing field reports. What if you become an Islamist? Let’s do this since, as Muslims and Jews, we are related and share Abraham as our common ancestor. You descend. You go on your pilgrimage for me. After we return, we might appear on CBS Sunday Morning to inform the Saudis that no dictatorial authority can prevent me from connecting with God. ”


“Now that I reflect back on it, I recall Nate saying something that was really chilling. Could this hurt me? he asks. And Matt, he truly meant it. Minhaj informs Matt Wilstein, a writer. Would I get wounded if I did this? Will they murder me? He says, “Dude, I have no idea.” This is a genius move, in my opinion. It makes me laugh so hard. But…’”


In some ways, it’s a badge of honor to find a bit too extreme for Nathan Fielder—but as Minhaj notes, “[This] isn’t, ‘I’m gonna create a restaurant called Dumb Starbucks.’ I’m going to fly to Saudi Arabia and pull this off with cameras, is what this is. Many Americans are unaware of the level of danger present here. In the US, safety is taken for granted.


Today, Minhaj says he’s relieved they “didn’t go through with it,” adding, “But I’m also kind of ashamed at myself that to pursue comedy and to pursue a bit, I’d be willing to put myself and another person’s life in danger. Man, that’s not cool.

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