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EntertainmentExpert on body language says Kate Middleton and Prince William were “matching and mirroring” each other at yesterday’s outing with Prince George

Expert on body language says Kate Middleton and Prince William were “matching and mirroring” each other at yesterday’s outing with Prince George

Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to treat their oldest son, Prince George, by taking him to the men’s singles Wimbledon final. It was the first time the 8-year-old royal had ever sat in the royal box. But even though everyone was looking at the young prince, body language expert Darren Stanton couldn’t help but notice how well the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were raising their children.


Stanton, who works for Slingo, told PureWow that Middleton and Prince William have parenting styles that are a perfect match. Stanton said, “We saw both Kate and William dote on George. They would lean in toward him when he talked to them and seemed genuinely interested in the young boy as he eagerly talked to them the whole game.”


He also said that the two were “matching and mirroring each other’s body language,” like when they turned in to talk to Prince George or when they put their hands up in the air (as seen below). “Not only did this show how close they are as parents, but it also showed how in tune they are when it comes to raising their kids,” he said.


Stanton thinks that this is a sign of how they will raise Prince George in the future since he will be the next king after Prince William.


“Eventually, George will be next in line for the throne, so it’s important for William and Kate that George is used to being in the public eye,” Stanton said. “Taking him to Wimbledon for the day will not only put him on the world stage, but it will also give him the confidence he needs to deal with the public and attend important events in the future. Instead, he’ll have the experience to be able to handle it.”


The body language expert thinks that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made this choice on purpose, and he says that it’s a smart move by the parents. “Such a smart move shows what kind of parents Kate and Will are and want to be. Not only are they hands-on, but they’re also determined to teach their children how important it is to do their royal duties,” he said.


But he said that Middleton seems to care more about being a good mom than anything else. “Seeing Kate talk to Prince George during the Wimbledon final shows that, despite her royal duties, she has chosen to be a mother first and foremost,” he said. “Of course, she wants what’s best for Prince George.”


We love nothing more than seeing Kate Middleton and Prince William take care of their children.

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