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Marilyn Monroe

Fans of Marilyn Monroe claim that the “horrific” JFK sequence in the Netflix film went too far.

One fan stated, “It should never have been in the movie.”


Users of Netflix are particularly incensed by a “horrific” sequence in the newest Marilyn Monroe movie Blonde.


The contentious new film from filmmaker Andrew Dominik was based on the 2001 publication of the fictional book Marilyn Monroe by Joyce Carol Oates.


The movie, which features Knives Out actor Ana de Armas, has long been promoted as being frightening to watch because it received an NC-17 rating in the US.


This is comparable to an 18 in the UK, however American directors sometimes prefer to cut their movies to avoid the certificate because, when it comes to cinema releases, it usually means less money at the box office.


Blonde, unlike what many people may think, is not a typical biopic of Monroe. Instead, because of its inspiration, the movie incorporates numerous fictitious events from the life of the Hollywood icon, including one that has drawn criticism for going too far.


John F. Kennedy, the US president with whom Monroe is rumoured to have had an affair in the 1960s, is the subject of the story. Even today, there are still unconfirmed rumours about this affair, but Blonde goes one step further.


In a scene near the film’s conclusion, Monroe is shown being drugged and brought to a figure called “the president” who looks somewhat like JFK (the actor, Caspar Phillipson, previously played him in Jackie).


He forces Monroe to perform a sex act on him while he is on the phone disputing accusations of sexual assault, and de Armas’ voiceover depicts Marilyn trying to distance herself from the incident.


Despite the fact that there is no documentation of such such incident, some viewers who are not familiar with the source material seem to think this genuinely happened.


This is one of the reasons why people are questioning the location of the sequence and calling it “character assassination.” Some people refer to it as the “exploitation” of Monroe’s narrative.


It’s a big leap to lie about it though, the viewer continued, “I don’t know if this has been authenticated or not.”


“Why does the movie #Blonde fake JFK raping Marilyn Monroe in a gory manner?” The moment was described as “disgusting exploitation” of the Hollywood star’s life by another spectator who joined the conversation.


Others said the scene “should never have made it” into the film and agreed that it is probably what led to the film’s dreaded age certificate.


One user asked, “I wonder why it’s NC-17 then comes the JFK moment for the most demeaning depiction of Marilyn Monroe.


Blonde has generally drawn criticism from Netflix customers, many of whom claim they were compelled to stop watching it after only 20 minutes.


In a one-star review for The Independent, Jessie Thompson wrote: “Blonde is not a bad film because it is degrading, exploitative and misogynist, even though it is all of those things. It’s bad because it’s uninteresting, smug, and unsure of what it’s attempting to communicate.


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