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Al Roker and Deborah Roberts

Fans of “Today” rally around Al Roker and Deborah Roberts in response to the emotional posts about Nick

The time Al Roker and Deborah Roberts spend with their son Nick is precious to them.


On September 25, the co-host of the Today show shared the touching moment he and Deborah finally got to see their youngest child again. Fans may already be aware that Nick left for college earlier this summer. The pleased parents were naturally thrilled to see him again. One of the pictures included the father-son pair grinning and encircling one another in what appears to be Nick’s dorm room.


“For #familyweekend, it was wonderful to see our Nick on university and watch him hanging out with his friends. #theadventurecontinues, “The Instagram images were captioned by the NBC star.


Deborah also shared a picture of the pleasant encounter with the description, “first weekend of autumn. First, a little update from our newest (and most content) college student. So pleased!”


Fans of the Today Show lost no time in leaving comments on Al’s Instagram post and Deborah’s tweet to share their opinions.


Someone commented on Instagram, “I’m thrilled Nick is having a good freshman year Al! “Nick seemed to be happy with college life. Nick, go! You all seem so content “One more repeated. “Excellent grins all around! Congrats! “Another supporter tweeted.




Many people who follow Al and/or Deborah are aware of how proud the whole family was of Nick’s acceptance back in the spring of 2021.


Important discussions have centred on his learning problems. It is now clear that all of their advocacy has aided Nick in realising his potential. Nick has never been afraid to talk about his own experiences. When he delivered a moving sermon at his church in May on overcoming his learning problems to pursue his dreams, he attracted a lot of favourable attention.


The proud parents do, however, miss their younger kid. But Al and Deborah shouldn’t worry—Thanksgiving break will here soon enough!

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