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EntertainmentFind Out Which Two Performers Were Unmasked in the Season 8 Premiere of The Masked Singer’s New Format
Masked Singer

Find Out Which Two Performers Were Unmasked in the Season 8 Premiere of The Masked Singer’s New Format

The Masked Singer’s Season 8 opener dared to go in a new direction for the Fox reality series by allowing only one performer from the episode to advance to the next round. A significant shift from earlier editions, in which the majority of the players were present for numerous episodes as the season continued, was that the remaining three saw their Masked aspirations end by the conclusion of the hour.


However, how did you appreciate this fresh, new Masked Singer? We’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts shortly. First, though, a little review

The four competitors in the premiere were:


HARP | She sang Pink’s “Perfect” and was the early favourite to continue for another week. She is a powerful female vocalist. She gave several hints, such as her love of expensive cars, her statement that “life does have a strange way of putting you where you need to be,” her scarecrow hat, and the fact that she had won prizes for acting, singing, and comedy, the last of which she said she “got to share with my besties.” (Do we believe that this is Amber Riley from Glee?)


HEDGEHOG | A British man of a particular age called and boldly said that he had once been “naked in Playgirl”; he then sang The Beatles’ “Love Me Do” with a marching band, which obscured his poor singing abilities. He gave other hints, such as a snake, the statement “This isn’t my first major premiere,” the phrase “continuous optimist,” the fact that Bradley Cooper, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, and Elon Musk are among his fans, and the fact that he has won both a Tony and a Grammy.


HUMMINGBIRD | Based purely on the number of football references in his package of hints, this guy comes off as a jock. So it came as a great surprise to hear him sing “I Don’t Want to Be” by Gavin Degraw and hit every note perfectly. The following served as a hint: “This hummingbird is no stranger to rivalry. It’s in my DNA,” “My particular rewards that are out of this world,” a patriotic team, a speaker, a ring, a cowboy hat, and They are silver rather than absolutely golden, yet it does not imply inferiority.


KNIGHT | As soon as this man began speaking while singing “Puttin’ on the Ritz” by Fred Astaire, I knew exactly who he was. A bust of William Shakespeare, the solar system, references to working on stage, screen, and with George Lucas, a reference to tossing two chairs on national television, a tape of covers, and a police badge were among the hints.




Hummingbird is the persistent singer, but we won’t learn his identity until episode 2!

THE DISCOVERIES | William Shatner from Star Trek was revealed to be Knight. Eric Idle, who played Hedgehog in Monty Python, was identified.

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